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Last Update: Feb 20, 2020

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Every time we encounter a situation, we get to choose what we think about it. Will we think something good? Will we choose to see the negative?

For example, this morning when I woke up it was a miserable, frigid 9 F degrees outside. Although the picture of the two horses was taken last October, it shows what it looked like outside this morning.

This morning instead of thinking what I do NOT like about the weather, I am trying to focus on what I DO like about it. It makes for pretty photographs. Today’s weather should help me to appreciate the warmer days.

Today’s weather also makes it easy to want to spend time indoors working on my websites. I also realize that I am very, very happy that I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned so much from the training. The community members inspire me and help me learn even more.

To be honest, I think that being able to be engaged with the WA community is my favorite benefit of my WA membership.


What about you? What is your favorite thing about your WA membership?

Are you remembering that for every situation you face; you get to choose how you will react to the situation?

No matter what life throws at you today, I hope that you can find the best in the situation.


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Hitting in a nail with a hammer sometimes you miss the nail and hit your thumb instead, much like life, business and the likes,

Learning how to manage situations can indeed be what makes the difference.

With WA, it is the total package, that creates the degrees of separation.

It is how they say;

It is what we make it.

Great reminder, Sondra.


Uh... some times there is no choice... or not time...

Lovely horses... are they yours?

Thanks. Those horses live across the road from me. They like to pose for the camera, so I take more pictures of them than my own horse.


Thank you for sharing...

My favorite thing about WA is that it’s constantly challenging me to learn completely new things.

That is true. WA is constantly changing as it online marketing business.

Personally, I love the challenge of learning new things.

Yup! Instead of complaining about the dirty dishes in the sink, be thankful you had food to put on them.

Very true. To go a step even further, we should be thankful to have a sink with running water to put them in. (I was recently without water. It was an eye opening experience.).

Barb, I hope that you have a great day.

What an awesome way to start the day!

I hope that your day gets even better as the day progresses.

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