Solidbase says "THANK YOU" !

Last Update: September 17, 2015

In following up on my previous blog regarding WP editor problems, I am happy to announce that the support team at WA fixed it in record time, and all seems to be back to normal again.

This serves to thank everyone who participated, especially the guys working behind the scenes who we never see and tend to forget. You guys rock. !!

Many thanks again, and be assured I am delighted with the excellent response time in fixing the problem.

Warm regards


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RobVallair Premium
You're Welcome. Yes, when it comes to technical issues like that, I turned it over to support. I know a lot of members have website knowledge ... But a benefit of paying our premium member dues is 24hr. Access to tech support. Best wishes and Super Success!

Martstervt Premium
Good news Theunes!
Darwyn Premium
Good news Theuns, glad you got it all sorted my man. The support team are really on the ball. Nobody should hesitate to contact them with a, let's call it unresolvable problem. Excellent.

PS. Just out of curiousity Theuns, did they explain to you what the problem was? For future reference.
solidbase Premium
I did ask them in my response to them, but have not had a reply back yet.
pinkabella Premium
That is what the WA community are here for. Pleased you have it sorted.
krazykat Premium
Wonderful post with some great news. Nice! Thank you.