Why you should stay at WA, and what others don't know

Last Update: July 10, 2021

Giving my 50 cents again about affiliate marketing.

Since February (my latest report) things have really progressed.

Don't get me wrong, they are snail-speed progressing, but it's happening.

My website Herbalcochete saw a rise in its traffic from 250/week in Febraury to currently 460/week. I have passed the 1500 users/month in June and am at 1850 user/month now.

Looking forward to hit 2000 :D Thinking how low we start, I believe that for some people hitting 2000 users/months sounds like a dream, but in fact it's a matter of work.

I saw traffic dropping back in May and had to take action: core web vitals was telling me that my website in mobile version as too slow (more than 4 secs to load) - traffic was showing that. Since I am still running mostly on free stuff, I had to change theme (I now use GeneratePress), and give a full review on plugins (not that I was ever careless about them. Fact is I was still using Kraken, but had issues with pictures being too big).

I also have 83 posts now, I didn't even hit the 100 posts mark :) Getting there!! Promise!!

I have regular sales on Etsy, it's low, but I am thrilled because it's happening steadily. I am earning around $8/month. Also, I had some sales on another affiliate program, but it's not being very regular.

I've also decided to put some ads on my website (not much) just to have a sense of achievement about getting money, it's very frustrating to see nothing for a long time. This is more like a small motivator as we are speaking about cents xD but it's good to see that your toddler website is making $0,05/day. It's actually making much more than before (I've made 0,96€ in AdSense for a total of 6 months before -.-)

A very good surprise came this year: my YouTube channel is growing!! I have almost 300 subscribers by now, and something like 100 vews/day. Again, this doesn't come out of doing nothing. I've decided to post one video per recipe, which means that my YouTube channel has now around 40 videos posted, most of them this year.

The good thing? It's getting a bit of traffic on my website - the good one, the one that actually reads content:

And traffic increase is just like planting a tree, you have a lot of work at the beggining with no gains, nothing to see about it. But give time and you WILL BE rewarded.

So, lessons so far, from being one year at WA:

  • What they teach in training at WA works!! If WA is a scam, so is science and everything you learn in college and so on. I am seeing evidence before my eyes that it works, once you do the way they tell you to do. There's nothing you can trust more than something you are able to replicate.
  • A LOT of trial and error is required, you need to be ready to fail, and try a lot of stuff to see what it works best. If you are afraid of failing, don't do this....
  • You need serious commitment: it's not about writing 6 articles, it's about writing 6 articles REGULARLY (and I mean monthly, if you can't make it weekly)!! For a long while, without real results
  • You really need to like what you are writing about. Thi is just too important to ignore. Take pleasure in the simple fact of writing a post, being able to help people with your post. It's what keeps me going most of the time. The prospect of earning money comes after. If you do this the other way around, I am sure of it, IT-WILL-FAIL!!!
  • Because of all points before, finding a niche you really like and then finding a way to help people with what you write is probably the most important key to sucess.
  • Then you just need to NOT GIVE UP. Give up is the only other way you can fail.
  • Don't go for too much stuff at same time: keyword finding is very tricky and requires some trial and error to learn how to do, and Google takes time to decide whether your keyowrd is good or not :) Social networks are also a good way to find traffic - and a good way to waste time. Beware, and go for the ones you actually know what you're doing. Then at a latter stage, expand. You can always expand latter :)

I've seen a Youtube webinar about getting 1000 subscribers fast, and the message is SO similar to WA: commit, post, learn with mistakes, keep getting training, answer people's questions, help them out - this not about you, it's about finding the most enjoyable/passionate way for you to help people.

Besides commitment, which is self explanatory, the main key message was helping others. Why aiming at helping people is so important? Because we are all self-centered. No one wants to know what you like and what you want (maybe apart from your mother, but that's an exception!).It's not a bad thing, it's a fact. It's a human characteristic. Probably part of our survival mechanisms.

But it's a fact that people are only interested in knowing HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM. We do this all the time: find ways to get what we want, at all levels. If we do, the others are just the same. Accept this and learn ways to help others :) people will follow you then. So the sooner you internalize this, the sooner you will start aiming at getting traffic.

Another key message: you are either on the education or entertainment field. You can actually write about stuff that is not straithforward helpful. If it's entertaining, it works as well :) But it needs to be one of these two. If you're not doing any of them, you need to review your blog idea.

    Oh, here we are with a 1000 word post :D

    So, I finish with a conclusion: is this the end? No, it feels like the very beggining. It's when you start to see some numbers you really have the ability to "study" if what you are doing is sucessful or not.

    Let the real journey begin!!!

    Cheers and have a great weekend,


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    KDeaney Premium
    This is such a great post and reminder to use all that success takes commitment and effort, both of which take time.
    I used to be the I want results now person and I failed many times over. Now I am a bit older and maybe wiser I know it is a longer process with work and time needed.
    Your successes even if small show us all that we can succeed doing what we are doing.
    SofiaMM Premium
    Thanks, and I'm glad my post was able to show that. Anyway, is what I am observing, no more no less :)
    KathyAnne Premium Plus
    Thank you for sharing this Sofia, and congratulations on your progress! It certainly doesn't matter how slow things take as long as you're consistent. It can take a long time to see any decent traffic on a blog, and many give up. Here at WA there are so many successful stories, and great support within the community. Plus, of course, the excellent training. Have a great Sunday:)
    SofiaMM Premium
    Thanks, and cheers to that! :)
    WA is truly a wonderful community and an excelent training platform.
    Wish you all the best as well!
    roysinOnline Premium Plus
    Sophia, this is great :-D.

    Transparency of your progress and proof in conjunction with sharing your experiences compared with the training we get here at WA...What a great way to convey that WA is the real deal and that the step by step method they teach is working if we just keep grinding.

    I especially like this part of what you have written:

    "...I've seen a Youtube webinar about getting 1000 subscribers fast, and the message is SO similar to WA: commit, post, learn with mistakes, keep getting training, answer people's questions, help them out - this not about you, it's about finding the most enjoyable/passionate way for you to help people..."

    This is exactly the same thing all serious marketers tells you, no matter which platform or product you buy from them. There is no magic button or magic tool that will make you successful overnight.

    The recipe that works is in your post and what WA is teaching us.

    Great Sunday reading, Sophia!💯😃

    To your continued success :-D

    Never Stop Learning and Reach For The Skies🚀
    SofiaMM Premium
    Thanks, and so true.

    I've stumbled upon that YouTube video by pure chance, but it caught my attention. And all of a sudden I was hearing the same messages (that make sense in the first place).

    Sucessful people, unlike many people think, are the ones that take a hard, long journey, starting just like us, continuing just like us. They are sucessful because they didn't give up, they strongly believe in their path and they stay on course. And it's not only here at WA, it's everywhere.

    roysinOnline Premium Plus
    Absolutely, Sophia💯👍
    AOsmand Premium
    Really enjoyed reading this Sofia. It’s really great to hear about people’s little successes. You’re doing amazingly well and building out your business. Great stuff.

    Great work on YouTube channel, I’ve started mine and it’s a lot of work, and time to get regular videos made. The editing is what takes time for me but I’m getting there. I’m really pleased for you well done!
    SofiaMM Premium
    Editing!!! Agh is so time consuming!!! But I had a tip that videos were key to teaching something, so I had to make them.

    Soapmaking is much better explained when shown to be honest.

    You know, whether it's making posts or videos, it's all a (neverending) process you just improve with a lot of practice anyway.

    Your first videos will be the worst :) But they really need to be! So that you can learn how to improve. You can't reach to good posts, videos, efficient editing, etc. without making the first (usually bad) ones.

    It's like learning to walk, learning to write, learning to read, you learn by practice!

    Wish you all the best!
    etseil20 Premium Plus
    Hi Sofia,

    Wow, I'm impressed how much progress you've made in the last year. That's quite dedication right there for your website.

    You give out some valuable lessons/points to keep in mind. Your work ethic is more proof that the WA training works (if you follow it and take action). Of course, never giving up is something we all need to keep in mind. Giving up is the ultimate failure right there.

    You've made a lot of progress since then. I really enjoyed reading your post. Keep it going and stay committed- you're on the path to even long-term success ahead. All the best moving forward.


    SofiaMM Premium
    Thanks, I am humbled to know my story is almost an inspiration :)