Everyone wants a piece of me!

Last Update: April 17, 2019

Hi everyone,

I love helping people and especially in W.A., because we are all on the same wavelength and it helps me, also with my online business. I couldn't have got where I am without you all.

However, I find it amusing that when I tell people (outside of WA) that I work from home doing my online business (I try), and I think to myself; that they will get it in their heads, " okay, she means, she is busy, and will have no time for me", yet they still show up uninvited and take almost all of my working time, or how about the latest visit: "can you please show me how to get from A to B? I have a GPS, but I need you to come with me to show me how to use my GPS..." WhhaaaT??

...or, those phone calls " we need you...no-one else will fill the role..." expecting me to drop everything and who cares about my life, because in their heads, I am not doing anything worthwhile.

The outside world, is encroaching on my precious time...they just don't get it.

Arrrrrrrgh! I feel like Britney Spears song "everyone wants a piece of me!"

These are the times, I wish the movie 'Matrix' was real and I can easily relocate myself somewhere else for some peace of mind. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

They would stay away, if I told them I am at a normal 'brick and mortar' job, but not when I am telling them I have a work at home business, I am guessing what they hear is, "yay! Saane is free, lets go take up her time and drink free coffee!"

It may sound like I am a drama queen and it is only 6am in my part of the world, but I want to know how many of you here, not only have the same problem, but how on earth do you tell people in a polite way to "Leave Me Alone!"?

I do appreciate you all,

Okay, I'm off to try and give my lonely websites some TLC - mamma is back.

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BrendaMZ Premium
“ You can have your cake and eat it too” Your cakes misses you. It’s true, hard to say no to people. I like what soloadkiller said below. I finally got around to follow the training step by step yesterday and get my site going after three months. What took me so long was mainly due to my health issues and a lot of mundane distractions. Those distractions led me to procrastinate. Finally all day and evening yesterday I turned my iPhone off and didn’t bother to look at WA emails. Focused only on building my site. There are a lot of don’t know how that leads me to get frustrated because WordPress is hard for me to understand. The training helped, had to keep going back and re study it over and over. Finally got the hang of it. I informed my staff not to bother me I’m on a roll with my laptop and if I needed help, I will press the pendant button. I felt great finally accomplished some activity. The staff were surprised that I did not need them until bed time. Next is content writing. I am exhausted today from yesterday working on my site. Now working on drafting my content. Just do it that it. Tell people you’re on a roll need stay focused no bother me for few hours at least you’re honest about it.
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Thank you dear Brenda, I am sorry to hear of your frustrations, now I feel like I have no right to complain, after reading others who have it worse than me. Thank you for the humbling advice, and I appreciate your time to give it :)
JSeale Premium
I love this blog!!!! Yes. I don't even have a website up yet and everyone wants to take up my time! And when you get phone calls, and someone wants to "shoot the breeze" with you. And talk with you for two, three, or hours, then they proudly say, hey! We've been on the phone for 4 hours!!!!!!!😳 I know exactly how you feel!!!!! I am afraid I ha don't figured out yet, myself how to say politely, leave me alone!!!! I had to laugh though, because I really do know how you feel! If either one of us gets an inspiration to this question, let's share it! God bless you!!!
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Thank you my friend, unfortunately I am too polite sometimes and also have those people who like to talk on the phone also. I have tried one time to do, what they do in the movies, pretend that phone is breaking up and shut it lol, but I got caught out when the same person used another number to call me back, thinking that it was their phone, that had the issue :)))
PPeveto Premium
Right, I totally get what you're talking about. You what I do is I actually set a schedule time with them, a meeting if you will. and I handle it that way. Because this is a real business. Would someone come into an Ins. office and set up camp and a picnic, I hope not..lol Same thing My business my rules. That's also how they will see I am not just hobbying around with this, I am working and earning. Hope this helps kiddo :) p.s. I call everyone kiddo..lol
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Okay lol, so I am guessing the cat is the only one who you don't mind disturbing you...kiddo is fine, and in NZ islanders and Maori call each other cuzzies, so I can call you cuz :)
lesabre Premium
Hi Snazzy, I was going to say something totally different, just glanced down and saw the words right there compliments of SernitySwan. It is about setting boundaries.Those who care will understand and even respect you for setting limits. Hope that was not too rude, just did a copy and paste from her reply to you. Also just clicked on the follow button. I think her words are your answer.
Sometimes setting boundaries with friends and family can be hard.
All the best Snazzy
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Thanks Michael it is so nice to have you well and back here my friend :)
SerenitySwan Premium
I try to set boundaries. To firmly say NO I’m sorry but between these hours I need to work. We can reschedule for tomorrow or the next day during lunch. Let’s eat together. I can take some free time during the day but after 1pm you need to leave. Those who care will understand and even respect you for setting limits and those who don’t quite frankly are not worth wasting your time over. That is their problem not yours
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Thank you for your succinct answer, I have to learn to say "No" more often, one of my greatest weaknesses.