The power of the spoken word BE IMPECCABLE

Last Update: October 14, 2018

I have asked my greater power to help me write this. I have learned some very hard lessons in this past year and lost the love of my life. I have learned that much of the hurt I have incurred on others and myself is the inability to control my temper and the words that I speak. I have learned that my cynical and sarcastic ways have damaged others far more than I ever realized.

I must think before I speak.

That is my lesson here and now. To speak only through kindness compassion and love. Had I been attentive to the words and the sense to be kind I perhaps may have never lost so greatly. I am fully aware of the consequences of my actions and truly am remorseful.

I found out a hard way here as words that I spoke 20 plus years ago came back to haunt me. Those words are just like the internet, Once they are out there they are there forever and cannot be taken back.

Be impeccable with your word.

Little white lies are not accepable either.

Being totally honest in all things is essential no matter how hard it may be to say the absolute truth.

I learned thehard way.

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Jasminmay Premium
So true, a lesson for all of us.
Sorry for your loss.
smben69 Premium
Thank you
firstlearn Premium
Thanks for sharing your story Steven. Now is the time to move forward and up. Sometimes we just have to forget the past and concentrate on the future, no matter how hard that seems to be.

Andrew888 Premium
Thanks for sharing. Your story is very moving and not too uncommon. It is fantastic that you have come to these realizations about the power of your words, and are going to be using them in the future to heal rather than hurt. I congratulate you on this.
Kind regards,
ahendaflo Premium
This is so true,words are powerful and must be used with utmost care,thank you for sharing and wish you all the best going forward.
MSinn Premium
I am sorry for your loss. I lost my Father in 9/11 and lost my Mother 6 years ago. I have no brothers or sisters. I walk this world alone, at least up until a week ago. I found out that I have a cousin in Iowa. But the hard lessons we learn either kill you or make you stronger. I am homeless because I gave up living and thought I had nothing to live for, until I found WA and my cousin. Now I am going to get back on my feet again. I hope too, anyway.
smben69 Premium
thanks I am told it gets better and WA has helped me at least to create. You have a new friend here ( You can be my cuz
RitaAnn Premium
You can never give up because there are so many out there who also have nobody else. You might be the one to reach them with hope.
So glad you didn't give up. Keep your chin up.
KElam Premium
smben69 when we do things that we know are hurtful and ask God to forgive you, it is wiped clean and forgotten. Now, you need to forgive yourself. You have changed your ways, but you also need to forgive yourself so you can heal. During those years you were in a high pressure job. That doesn’t make it right, but it was probably what started it or made it worse. No excuses, but just pointing out possible point of origin. Please forgive yourself so you can truly heal. If not you will heal a little, but deep down you are still beating yourself up! Wishing you peace, happiness, and financial successes! If you need anything I’m here!

smben69 Premium
Thank you Kathy,
Well spoken words hard to heed but I do ask for forgiveness everyday. Thank you for caring
smben69 Premium
I keep caring and praying and always ask the higher power "What can I do for you today?" Thank you for your words of strength
RitaAnn Premium
Interesting MSinn, sounds all too familiar. I'd like to encourage you.

I've been taking in homeless youth for many years. I have an amazing "family" I found myself also a bit down due to so many things that lead us into the valley of "the shadow of doubt".

Even if you had no one at all, you have something to live for.

In fact, I had been building sites for the kids (now adults) for some time before I came across wealthy affiliate.
None of the kids want to build or have anything to do with it.
If only I'd found Wealthy Affiliate before everyone grew up, we might be in a completely different position.

I also wanted to share this platform with hubby as well as the family because after being online as long as I've been, I understand the value of a good, solid and time tested system.
Wealthy Affiliate is just that.

Here are a few things to remember:
GREEN button "Training" daily or at your own pace
Follow lessons and tasks without skipping anything
Connect with community

Enjoy life, each moment of it.

It's okay to do that you know. :0)

This is a wonderful life.


Enjoy this platform and stay focused on the Green button.


It's refreshing to see such a beautiful soul though. Chin up my friend. Focus on the lessons
smben69 Premium
God bless you Rita Just out of surgery typing is hrd groggy bu loved your words thos kids were honored way cool of you
RitaAnn Premium
No words. Just a Thank You. RitaAnn~