The power of the spoken word BE IMPECCABLE

Last Update: October 14, 2018

I have asked my greater power to help me write this. I have learned some very hard lessons in this past year and lost the love of my life. I have learned that much of the hurt I have incurred on others and myself is the inability to control my temper and the words that I speak. I have learned that my cynical and sarcastic ways have damaged others far more than I ever realized.

I must think before I speak.

That is my lesson here and now. To speak only through kindness compassion and love. Had I been attentive to the words and the sense to be kind I perhaps may have never lost so greatly. I am fully aware of the consequences of my actions and truly am remorseful.

I found out a hard way here as words that I spoke 20 plus years ago came back to haunt me. Those words are just like the internet, Once they are out there they are there forever and cannot be taken back.

Be impeccable with your word.

Little white lies are not accepable either.

Being totally honest in all things is essential no matter how hard it may be to say the absolute truth.

I learned thehard way.

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Foxhenley Premium
Yes, I agree! Our words can crush or lift, it is up to us and which of our natures we allow!
Some of us learn young, and some older!
Some with gain, and some from loss!
I learned the hard way also.

God Bless and Good Luck!
Janice 🤗🌾
JeffGnagy Premium
Wise words my friend.
Thank you for sharing your heart. And thank you for your honesty and integrity. I think things have turned around for you and you will use your wisdom to become more successful than you can imagine. I'll be following along with you on your journey.

Wayne66 Premium
There is plenty of compassion, kindness, and love to go around here, Steven. No doubt you have already discovered that. It's part of what WA is all about and a big reason everyone is so helpful here.

I, too, am sorry for your loss and even though you didn't learn these lessons until later in life, they are still learned and you are a better man for recognizing the need for change.

It's never too late for an old dog to learn a new trick or two.

We are with you. We all have things in our lives that need to be changed.

God Bless and Keep Moving Forward,
smben69 Premium
Thank you for the follow and the kind words Yes this is as I learn daily a truly great community THANKS again
Jasminmay Premium
So true, a lesson for all of us.
Sorry for your loss.
smben69 Premium
Thank you
firstlearn Premium
Thanks for sharing your story Steven. Now is the time to move forward and up. Sometimes we just have to forget the past and concentrate on the future, no matter how hard that seems to be.