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October 04, 2021
POINT yourself inth right direction. NEVER QUIT!It always amazes me to see people here at Wealthy Affiliate that say they are leaving the platform and want to know how to cancel their membership. Others simply disappear.If I told a person that if they invested $1000 into themselves over the next two-year period of time they would be earning at least that much monthly, do you think they would rise to that challenge? What does it take to be a success? Edwin Bernard has written some incredibly goo
Some helpful information I rarely post here but I thought that I should pass on some information that has been extremely helpful to me. I've been plugging along here since 2018 and really haven't made as much progress as I would have wanted. Had I found the information that I'm going to talk about here perhaps I might have been more active.Nonetheless, I did discover a lot of cool stuff. For example, when I got to the installation of plugins in WordPress I was led to believe that I really neede
January 30, 2021
I was surprised to see the massive support on Thursday for the struggling company Game Stop.I watched in utter disbelief as the social media platform "Reddit" caused an unprecedented breach in the Wall Street tactics of investing when the power of the masses pushed the Game Stop stock from 20 bucks to a close Friday at $325.00. The power of the people.The people brought Melvin Capital to its knees. A 12.5 Billion dollar fund lost about 30%.Can this happen again? YesThis is what Wealthy Affilia
January 30, 2021
I had an unpleasant experience dealing with an ambassador here and it made me think about what is a true ambassador and what role is that designation.An Ambassador is an official envoy.A person who has taken the responsibility to serve.The incident that led to my decision to post this was a mistake I made by posting in haste without foresight on my part to prudently edit and proofread. I had included in the post a link to my personal email. My Bad. I received what I considered to be a rather r
I have asked my greater power to help me write this. I have learned some very hard lessons in this past year and lost the love of my life. I have learned that much of the hurt I have incurred on others and myself is the inability to control my temper and the words that I speak. I have learned that my cynical and sarcastic ways have damaged others far more than I ever realized.I must think before I speak.That is my lesson here and now. To speak only through kindness compassion and love. Had I be
October 09, 2018
I am ready to achieve success but am overwhelmed by the website building. It so easy to procrastinate and sometimes just as confusingas it can get but I suppose it will get better. Who is the guru on chronic pain here at WA?