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Last Update: January 30, 2021

I was surprised to see the massive support on Thursday for the struggling company Game Stop.
I watched in utter disbelief as the social media platform "Reddit" caused an unprecedented breach in the Wall Street tactics of investing when the power of the masses pushed the Game Stop stock from 20 bucks to a close Friday at $325.00. The power of the people.

The people brought Melvin Capital to its knees. A 12.5 Billion dollar fund lost about 30%.

Can this happen again? Yes

This is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. A huge group of like-minded people.

Imagine the power we have as a group. We can do anything and succeed.

We have an audience of 4 billion

I wonder if I could get one cent from 1 billion people.

Just look at Alex Tew a 21-year-old entrepreneur who sold 1 million pixels of internet ad space and made himself wealthy.

His idea was simply to get 1 dollar from a million people and it worked.

We live in a time of gigantic opportunities

Wealthy Affiliate is a land of unparalleled opportunity.

I like Will Rogers. He said,

"One revolution is like one cocktail, it just gets you organized for the next."



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Dhind1 Premium Plus
Interesting comparison. Thanks.

WA is a great community. I always count my blessings to have landed here.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Excellent post, Steve! We do have the power of the masses!

Newme202 Premium
You are correct Steve. Wealthy Affliate community is closely knitted of like minded members.
We are really known for our support
Noteboom Premium
Well, this was not so black and white. Sometimes people need to think to the end the danger is that people just follow the man which call highest.

It is a long story behind it, for example, many companies have been helped through difficult times with this method.

And the stockholder will lose money too because of this, the people from Reddit I mean.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Thanks Steve.