What It Takes To Succeed In Life

Last Update: September 02, 2013

As most of you know, I am very success orientated. Success is different for each person, so I am not going to go to deep into that. However what I do want to share with you is what I have found, both threw study, and my own experience, what it takes to become successful. That can be applied to WA, your website, or anything in life you want to as well.


"Never give up, never surrender." From Galaxy Quest, Jason Nesmith.

To be successful, you just need to keep moving forward. Sometimes you will be making leaps and bounds, other times you will be moving at what seems like a snails pace. But time is going to go by anyways. The sun will set today and raise again tomorrow. Next year will come. You can either be that much closer to your goal and your dream, or not.

It really is that simple. Think about an actress who just showed up over night really. Like Jennifer Lawrence and the Hunger Games. If you look her up, she has been in a few movies and tv shows since 06. But she hit it big once Hunger Games came out. And even since then she has done some movies that are just as big, and some that aren't really and never hit the theatres.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." And I would like to add, "You will never get there if you stop walking." Always keep pushing through, keep moving forward. Reaching towards what it is you want.

If things aren't working out, that might be your single to learn more about something. "Frustration begins where knowledge ends." Even jumping through some hoops can seem overwhelming, but if you are prepared for the journey and know what is ahead, you will less likely be thrown by what comes your way.

Never be ripe

We have all heard this saying, "When you are green you grow, when you're ripe you rot." We all know the people who studied something 4 years ago, never practiced it once, and say things like, "Oh, I already know all that." Or, "I studied that already, tell me something new." Now they have their own challenges to overcome and reasons for saying what they do, but we are talking about us.

Always be growing. There is always something new to be learned. The world as we know it. Planes, cars, cell phones, televisions, etc. is so very young. Something new can always be learned. A high level horse clinician once said about horsemanship. "Be humble with your knowledge, because as soon as you start to think you know it all you will round the corner and there will be someone who knows 100 times more then you." Chris Cox said that.

There is always a better way, but you are going to be doing the best you know how to at this moment. Always be raising that bar higher and soon you will be at the level you have always wanted to be. As well as doing the best you really could the whole time.

Focus Foucs Focus

This is probably one of the most important ones right here. Although they all really go together and work with one another. However, if you never focus you never can really get anything done. Focusing is sticking with one thing. Doing it well, learning, crafting, tweaking. It doesn't mean you don't add things to it later on, but just after you have focused on one thing and have done it well.

However there is a fine line. And only you can tell where that line is for yourself. On one side is you need to focus and learn what you need to learn and overcome the obstacles associated with that. The other side is it just isn't working for you. It isn't what you need to be doing. You need to stop and move onto something else.

Finding that line can and is a difficult task. I mean, I could learn how to play an instrument and make music. I could focus and really learn, but my heart isn't into it. That really isn't where I want to spend my time. At least in this part of my life.

Another thing is recognizing your strengths. Lots of small businesses, not all but lots, go out of business because the owner, self employed, has to do everything. And it is their weaknesses that bring them down. Instead of focusing on what they do well, they have to build up what they don't do well. And it might not be something they care about doing.

Utilizing your strengths is another aspect of focusing. Knowing when to ask for help so that you can focus on what you are good at, and let them focus on what they are good at. Because what you don't like to do, they like to do and vice versa.

My photographer and I work together to get good shots of me on my horses doing what I do. She learns just enough to recognize the picture I want to her to get. And I do the same with setting up some really good pictures for the both of us. She will say, "Oh, this would be a good shot." And I do the same. I've studied photography because I love taking pictures, but I let her do her job and me do mine when I am on the horse. I focus on what I can do well and so does she.

This is it for now. I will be bringing you more in another blog post. Don't want to throw them all at you at once.

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kiya05 Premium
Great post. I'll have to get back to it and follow some of your advise.
skyhorse Premium
Lol, yep. And more will come!
Trialynn Premium
You are part of my recreation and inspiration here at WA. Thanks for the thoughts, may we all apply them wisely!
skyhorse Premium
Well thank you. That is really nice to know!
Mikegg Premium
Great post!!
I can totally relate to it.
When you stop learning you stop growing.
When it's not working out it means we must continue to improve and adapt to the situations.
Never give up attitude , can take you through anything.
I know that from personal experience.
Focus is the key to get things done, it means also being in the present moment the way I see it.
skyhorse Premium
Absolutely to everything you said!
dwdad99 Premium
Oh so true! Perseverance is what keeps a lot of moving forward in WA. I know it does me.

I like your "never be ripe" comment.I , like you also feel that an individual should always be learning something new on an old topic. This means that you are open minded.

As far as focus goes, it is hard sometimes when you are alone and don't have someone to bounce your idea off of. This brings me to the reason I joined WA. You could always bounce your idea off of someone here.
Nice post,
skyhorse Premium
Thank you.

Being open minded is vey important. Learning new things and really understanding the thoughts behind them is also really important. I am having this problem with my mule trainer. I want to know why I want to know why she is doing what she is doing with the mule, but she doesn't have a reason why you would do that. Drives me crazy because I want to apply it to the mule and the horse.

Just like in everything, focus comes from yourself. But you are correct, sometimes it is easier to focus with someone, but if you don't want to then you wont. I have known people who say they really want to change something and to have me help them keep on track, so I do. But then they don't do it and no one can make them. They really are the ones who have to do the action.
dwdad99 Premium
I think your mule trainer is being "stubborn", no pun intended. Maybe she feels that she is giving away some trade secrets.
Good luck,
skyhorse Premium
Lol, I like it. Maybe, who knows?
choppydo Premium
I really like your "never be ripe" advice. Usually as soon as people start to become arrogant, they stop moving forward in life.
skyhorse Premium
Well thank you. There is the fine line between confidence and cocky. And once you become cocky you stop growing.