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Howdy All,I know there have been many Site Comments blogs posted here , so why not add to that mix,By sharing how Site Comments Is a good Return on investment.(R.O.I)- It is an awesome tool so I have to shareSince the latest release of Site Comments 2.0 it became possible to make Money by commenting which is very cool. One of the many ways Wealthy Affiliate is leading the way in the industry.You get a Credit for each comment you make and use 2 credits to receive comments on your site. It is a g
October 09, 2018
Google+ Shutting DownI read an article this morning about Google+ and how they are shutting down the service due to a security breach to avoid the same fate that Facebook is going through. This one was on a much smaller scale but still a breach occured.Here is the article I read about it my question is, How will this work for those of us that are trained via WA to post to Google+ with every post?. I have way more posts on Google+
August 31, 2018
Fly To New Heights With Your Online BusinessAs we continue to move ahead on our journey online, there will be times when we get to realize some of the true benefits of owning an online business. Besides the obvious money potential.Just as many of us do, I have been sharing information out on my site about some of the perks an online business can provide, along with the rewards of learning a new skill and building something specialThe fact that any of us can work at our own pace and continue to
Most of us love a good challenge,remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that went Viral a few years back? I do and I did the challenge and got very wet. :) LOL I know there is a video of me dumping a bucket of water over myself somewhere on Youtube.I have a bit of a different challenge for you. I am mainly referring to New members who are still in the Free starter membership which is awesome and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and I am also reaching out to those who are considering joining the family.
April 01, 2018
It is fitting that Today a day with multiple titles (Easter)(April Fool's) That it is also a Day with multiple milestones. No this not an April Fool's Joke. 😀My boot camp site went online 4/1/17 And I have worked on my site every day since. With mixed results but steady growth. Then Recently it took off a bit and I picked up more referrals and will be getting 1St WA Paycheck. !!!I chose the Boot camp site after previously launching a NoGMO Affiliate Site . I switched to the bootcamp s
I want to share with you a recent experience I have had success wise. I believe it could be Wealthy Affiliate Magic or Island Magic, then again it could be a bit of both..Having been a member for a bit now, I have been working like you to make my business succeed by applying what is taught in our training here at Wealthy Affiliate. I have enhanced my skills by following the assigned training and that has been my focus to this pointI have a bootcamp site and have started the last phase ( phase 7
So we finally passed 100,000 Words in Site Content.Actually this happened a few posts ago, but I was busy writing so I had not mentioned it yet. LOL :)Many of you have already done this, but for a non writer like me it's a big deal. I use Site Content for every post since I think it really helps me stay organized and plan future postsThe fact that Wealthy Affiliate keeps adding great new tools for us to use, Makes the process of posting and planning our work so much easier.This is one of the ma
Yes !!Happiness for an online business owner, is when you see results from your efforts.When you receive Multiple- Invitation Accepted Messages on the same day. Life is good.For many members here this is pretty standard, But for some of us still advancing our businesses this is great news, I have had referrals already but not multiples in the same day. This will be a day I remember well, going forward.I went on a hike up a mountain called Sleeping Giant this morning, I didn't name it. LOL :) T
Passed the 1000 followers mark here at WA,Thank you all for that. I have been a bit behind in thanking those who are following me, I will catch up soon,But either way it is nice to know someone thinks I may be able to contribute some value :)We are all on a great journey together and having a good network of support is a great plus.I wish you all a great and successful journey into the online business worldThanks againTake CareTodd
Getting this post out a bit late but here is the progress so far.10 of 12 Articles Published, 2 More In the oven.Number 11 will be finished on my 6 hr Vacation Flight tomorrow. YAY :) We have until March 4th, so I will make it on scheduleThis is Blog post 3 from WA Blog out of 4. At Least 1 more coming.Already passed the 12000 words Assigned.Still compiling my 50 Keyword idea's I think I am at 42 ATMStill have 2 posts to do and more helping others out and I should be good t