Three Sales on ShareASale!

Last Update: Jun 1, 2019

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Well, I had a nice little surprise when I checked ShareASale this mornig. I had 3 transactions totalling $117.50 in commissions, litterally overnight.

The one from yesterday must have happened later in the evening since I checked my account yesterday afternoon and it wasn't there then.

Not a huge dollar amount, but I will take it. This is from two different products I am promoting. One product ranges from $350-500, the other is around $120. Commissions through ShareASale are 10% so that is better than the 4% Amazon offers on most stuff.

I am slowly seeing more of these types of sales, but never had multiple in one day. I also participate in the Amazon program, and get a few sales from there as well. The commissions from ShareASale are definitely greater though.

Anyway, hopefully this will inspire someone, I know it always puts a little pep in my step when I make sales, it is proof the process works.

It's been a long and arduous road, but seeing some results sure makes writing a lot more fun and motivating.

Here's to more sales!!


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Great work Steve, and thanks for sharing!

Absolutely happy to share. Thanks for your comment.

Yay!!! Congratulations Steve!!!! That is awesome news.

Thanks Jessica. I was so happy and surprised. The reviews that drove these sales have been getting me the most traffic in the past few weeks so it is really nice to see some results.

Thank you Steve for sharing this.
It really inspires. Wishing you more success.

Sharing is caring, so I am glad you liked it.

Congratulations! Keep it up.


Well done well done ...more to come

Congrats to you Steve! Must be a great feeling. It does help me to see someone else succeed doing pretty much the same thing. Onward and upward. Tom

Thanks Tom. Yes, it is such a good feeling and very motivating.

Congratulations - Keep up the good work!

I will sure try. Thanks for your comment.

Great to hear - congratulations on the sales in the progress.

Thank you very much.


[mic drop]

Well done Steve.

Thanks Jay!!

Congratulations Steve!

Thank you, I appreciate it.

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