Support & Encouragement Suggestion - Buy via WA site links?

Last Update: September 16, 2014

From what I've gathered it is frowned upon and unworkable to buy via our own links. However why not buy via links on fellow WA sites?

I have done this a few times now. For example, whilst browsing another WA site, I see an Amazon link and think; "why not get the book I am wanting through this link?"

It may not have huge financial effect, but it may just serve as a form of support and encouragement, especially for those who are struggling, and/or becoming despondent? We could also tell them we've done so.

It may also provide more encouragement for us to publish our own site addresses, and for us to browse each others sites, which may also help with rankings etc?

Hopefully there are no hidden "fine print rules" against this!

Just a thought.

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CarlaIves Premium
If you buy through your own link, you can lose your affiliate status. I have no problem with buying through others here at WA, though. If I see something I need/want, I will definitely click through, Shawn!
skc Premium
Especially those who are really trying to survive financially with this and/or feel 'nothing is happening.' I for one still get working income and as yet have no links and no desperate need to earn from site. (However eventually, guess I will have to when I retire and to cover hosting costs.)
MisterWailor Premium
That is a good idea and nice of you to do that for other members.
MarionBlack Premium
I have so many websites in different niches (not profitable yet) that if I were to list them all on my profile page it would look like spam. I don't want to go down that road myself but if I find something I want on someone else's website then it would be remiss of me not to purchase it using their affiliate link. ~Marion
Lesmyb Premium
I have not come across any rules against this. Only the rule that we are not allowed to post affiliate links in our posts and comments on WA.

I certainly am making a list of member sites that interest me and I will definitely be buying through a fellow WA member's site when I am in the market for something that they promote. I never really thought of using an unrelated link to buy something from a site until you highlighted this to me.

This is definitely something I would like to see encouraged more. The more we support each other, the more successful we will all be within this wonderful community.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - the rules just say no spam within WA - so members can't openly promote their sites within WA (you can always see a members sites, if they have listed them in their profile).

If you happen to be browsing another members website, and buy through a link on it, then I don't see any issue with that.

Cheers, Mark
skc Premium
That's what I meant. Listed on profile. Many profiles I've seen with no site listed. (including my own...still need to work on it to make more presentable:)
Mark Tait Premium
Yeah, some people will want to keep their sites private - perhaps worried others will copy their niche etc.

But if it's openly available through the profile, then I have no problem clicking on affiliate links for things I'm interested in.

After all, I as a consumer, will pay no more by going through the link.

All the best, Mark