Site Comments-How Important They Really Are

Last Update: December 19, 2019

No comments on your website means no one is reading your website. Plain and simple. It means that you are a beginner. Although that may be true, it doesn't have to appear that way.

When visitors stop by to read an article on your website/blog and see that no one has left a comment, for the reader, it may take away your credibility. No matter how good your article is, if there aren't any comments, the reader may just leave.

Here, we can help each other with comments. You post a comment for me, I post a comment for you.

I noticed that not too many people are using this feature.

To me, it's one of the best features here on WA.

The more comments we have on our websites, the more authority we have on Google.

It's that simple.

If Google recognizes our website, we get more traffic.

Use this feature. It's important for the success of your website.

Happy commenting!

Sonia J.

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HenryPing Premium
Thank you for sharing the important of this topic. As I find that is so lacking and need to address for. I think the problem is that my website is not ready to be comment. So I think when is ready then is fine as there is so much basic to put in before is ready for site comments right?. So guess I need to put more efforts on the setting up.Will share once I am ready but not at the moment. Need to work on own website first. 😁👆
SJB Premium
I totally understand that your website needs to be ready. However, when it is, you will find that it's such an amazing tool!
Kyle Premium Plus
Comments and engagement are incredibly important to your business and getting rankings on your website. So the more you use this platform, the better.

Just remember, you want to distribute your comments throughout your website. Don't try to load up just ONE single article in attempt to ranking that article the highest in search.
SJB Premium
Thank you, Kyle! So true. If we only focus on one article, it will seem a bit weird and arranged for the readers.
Thanks for stopping by! :)
Tirolith Premium
Learning to respond to your customers with comments is a must as you are not a salesperson selling what you only want to sell but on the internet, you are a friend who needs to help a friend purchase their needs.

We talk to our friends all the time and trust one another and accept their advice so be a friend to all with your experience in your products for them that they need.

Comments in WA help us learn how to communicate with buyers on the internet like a friendly helper of good advice.

A seriously important part of learning the internet here in WA.

SJB Premium
Yes, and responding to them makes it so that you come off as being interested in them. WA is just amazing!
akolipenouko Premium
Hello Sonia,

Yes, I agree with you that if there are no comments on your website, it means:

- no one is reading your website
- you are a beginner
- visitors may not give you any credibility
- readers may be leaving your site in droves.

Another important thing is that if there are no comments on your website, a visitor is not motivated to leave a comment too.

Sure, here, we can help each other with comments. But don't count much on "You post a comment for me, I post a comment for you."

I posted a lot of comments for people but got only a few back, even from people who promised to return the favour. Those who did return the favour, sometimes did so haphazardly. So I stopped it and bought comment credits.

Anytime (and that is every day) I post an article, I ask for 2 comments and I get between 2 and 7, sometimes even 9. People scramble to post because it makes them earn 1 of my credits. And with 2 credits, they can get 1 free comment on their websites.

I'm looking forward to the day Google will give my website more authority because of these comments.

Thanks for reminding us, Sonia.

SJB Premium
Thank you for your great feedback!
It takes a bit of time for Google to recognize our website, however, if we are persistent, we will get there. Best wishes to you!
akolipenouko Premium
Yes, persistence is the key. And that's where many newbies with "get-rich-quick" mentality fail.