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Last Update: April 24, 2014

My new website!

I've been an off and on again member of WA for a few years now. I sign up put forth some effort hit a road block and get distracted sometimes for quite a while. My personal life has had some curve balls thrown its way over the last three years and its been hard to stay focused on internet marketing. That being said I rejoined a few months ago and I'm now developing a successful work ethic. I've finally cracked my way into receiving recurring monthly income that is reasonably steady, its not much but its more than enough to prove that lo and behold this internet marketing thingy actually works!

I can't express adequately here just how rewarding it is to feel so validated. As I'm sure many here understand, I often share my goals and aspirations with the wrong people and I allow their cynicism and pessimism to control my enthusiasm... or rather quench it, lol.

If there is one message regarding internet marketing I would share it wouldn't be watch your keywords, do your research or even find worthy mentors. It would easily be "believe in yourself and your abilities and persevere against the tide of self doubt and good things will happen, period."

Thank you for reading my post I'm super excited about my new website ( which is a niche based on a subset of one of my greatest interests, access to information and relevant entertainment that is personalized and readily available.

Keep kicking @$$


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MelanieLee Premium
Really encouraging post! Thank you for sharing it with the WA community! I'm happy for your success!!!
Simkin Premium
Thank you Melanie!
jonw Premium
Very nice Simkin, thank you, I'm now following you 2.
nomda ploom Premium
To anybody who is not sure, Dan, IMO you have nailed it.
Self belief is the fundamental building block of all of them. I can't count the times I have had to bite my tongue, or explain to a sneering sceptic what it is, and I am all about.
My Christmas card list just gets smaller as my knowledge and application of it expands.

LOL, Andy
Simkin Premium
Thanks Andy! It can be hard trying to accomplish something when many are telling you that you'll fail. I just figuring I'll let the sceptics howl while I'm busy doing better things with my time than telling others how they can't ;)
Jennalee32 Premium
I agree you have to believe in yourself! My husband doesn't think this internet business is going to work. I'm glad to hear it is possible, maybe I will make him read your blog so he will believe me!
Simkin Premium
If you are looking for inspiration I caught this a couple days ago and must say seeing is believing! Both these guys are inspirations! It plays like an MTV Cribs episode, Jonathan has an awesome outlook on entrepreneurship and life in general.
edensbox Premium
Thank you Dan for the encouragement. I think we all need to hear it from time to time. I have been doing this for about 3 months, and keep hoping that it will finally kick off. I feel like I am almost there! Keep up the good work and it WILL happen!
Simkin Premium
I have only been working on this website since sometime around the beginning of this year! My last attempt was a couple years ago and I didn't commit enough time and effort. Things are already very different this time! Thanks for the support and best of luck! ;-)