3rd Position on Google Within 40 Seconds

Last Update: June 07, 2019

3rd Position on Googles First Page Within 40 Seconds

Just wanted to let everyone know that my blog about revamping old posts actually works if you follow what I did in This Post

I had a post that needed a bit of TLC which I have been doing for a while now and getting some awesome results and I managed to get it from being nowhere on the search engine grid to being on the number 3 spot on Google

I know that others have had their posts showing that it had been less than 20 seconds that it had been uploaded, but once I put the post link through the Google console, I also put it through "Fetch Bing" so it took a while to check if my post actually ranked better than it did

After doing all the steps in the post I mentioned earlier I managed to get an old post to the number 3 spot in Google within 37 seconds

I know for a fact that I could have made it a lot quicker than that but I just had to put it through "Fetch Bing"

YES that is my post just below it but it is for another keyword which made me quite happy to see another one of my posts ther, if I'm honest


Dream Big if You Wan't Success...

Dream Little if You Wan't to be a nobody!

Thanks to everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate, You have been the root of all my success :)

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CandP Premium
Great work, Mathew, do you think the dad jokes had something to do with it, particularly about the Welshman yesterday?
Colette and Philip
Shwni Premium
I think the "Dad Jokes were part of why they ranked higher, lol :)
PeakLiving Premium
Awesome. That was super fast! What we learn here is invaluable. Congrats....
Shwni Premium
I hope it helps you as it does for me :)
HalimNajm Premium
Debs66 Premium
That is brilliant Mathew getting them indexed isn't so hard getting them on page 1 in google takes a little more work.
I am so happy for you Mathew.
I bet that gave you your writing Mojo back lad. Way to go Mathew..
Debs :)
Shwni Premium
Yes, yes it did Debs :)
AlanJE Premium Plus
Great result!
Shwni Premium
Thanks :)