Testimonials and Success stories for all WA Members to use!

Last Update: September 17, 2015

Hey Everyone

As you know, testimonials and success posts are a key part to any marketing campaign.

I personally am to scared to just drop anyone's testimonial and pic on my site as I never know if it was intended for a specific person's use or open to anyone.

So I am hoping to get the Communities support on the following thread...

For Wealthy Affiliate members and their website use only, please could you help me to grow a collection of honest success stories and testimonials through the comments below for ALL Wealthy Affiliate members to use?

I'll go first if it helps.

btw... It does not have to be as long as mine ;)

"My experience leading up to finding Wealthy Affiliate... I assume was pretty much the same as most people who are determined to build a successful online business.

I spent years drifting from one 'get rich scheme' to the next and when my hard earned money was not being taken from under my nose, I was left with very little to show in return for the mass amounts of effort that I was putting into it.

The problem I had was that 50% of the programs were nothing more than hyped up scams, and the others, though being honest people behind them lacked in either the fundamentals or in overall completeness of the products or training that I was paying for.

Out of frustration in trying to figure out if I was being scammed yet again by another product, I stumbled across a review that all of a sudden was telling me that the product I was looking at was good, BUT that it was NOT recommended by the writer. The writer, a WA member was urging me to look at Wealthy Affiliate first.

... This stumped me completely... He was turning down a high value sale in return for one that would make him pennies in comparison.... I had not seen this before... Why???

Could it be that I had just found the first truly honest person doing a review in all my years of searching?

What did he know that I didn't?

Needless to say, I jumped from his Wealthy Affiliate review straight into the free membership... Another few and far between thing in the online community. A product that was so confident they would let me try it for free.

2 days after joining wealthy affiliate, I couldn't be more excited as I could finally see all of the pieces of a puzzle I had been searching for all those years... So simply falling into place.

It finally made sense... And I was not once told that I ever had to promote WA in order to make money online... I had the choice to build my business on anything I was passionate about.

I went premium...

And BOY! was my mind blown!

All of the information that had been fed to me in impossible dribs and drabs over the years AND HEAPS MORE in one structured and easy to follow, learn while you're applying it program.

No upsells, no advertising, no hype... Just a community of amazing people all with common goals and EVERYONE eager to help one another!

By following the training, a few weeks later I had my first free sign ups.... AND then...

At around the 2.5 month mark for me... It happened!

MY FIRST PAID REFERRAL... And the dude was so excited to tell me that he had signed up through MY referral link that I didn't even know what to say to him in return ;) but I could see the true potential behind Wealth Affiliate at this point...

And from there, the sky was the limit! WASH, RINSE, REPEAT :)

I had done the groundwork, now it was about upkeep and reaping the rewards.

Best part for me about Wealthy Affiliate, I get to promote products that I truly believe in... and people can see this when you are talking about the topic with them. You are passionate about it.

So for anyone reading this who is looking to build an online business, please save yourself the time searching any further... You have found what you have been looking for all this time... And SO much more!

Take it for a free test drive and decide for yourself.

The entire community is here to help you along the way, all you gotta do is ask ;)

Wishing you all of the best and looking forward to hearing from you!


Marc Parsons

"Life's shweet when you have the right friends!"

PS. Sharing is caring :)

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GaryHowell Premium
And you know I have your back on this one Marc
shweetlife Premium
Thanks Gary!
gmegs Premium
I know it's not specifically what you asked for, but you can lead them with your affiliate link to: Lots of good comments there.
shweetlife Premium
Very Glad that you did. It fits perfectly!

Many thanks Joanne
carolineruth Premium
Thanks for sharing this and the link to Shawns story too. I have found a wealth of info that is worth every penny to my mlm company and more here at WA
shweetlife Premium
I ran into Shawn a little while back. He has some great support and advice to offer, a lot of which can be found in his link.

As he says, You could be talking to a millionaire at any time on WA... You would never even know ;)

All of the best! :)
Rawl Premium
I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) 10 days ago and I have a fully functioning website with comments and traffic. I have been ranked in Google and I've got all the support I need on WA.
shweetlife Premium
Hey Rawl.

Thanks for getting involved. You are doing amazingly for 10 days in!

Keep up the great work and feel free to let us know if you ever need a hand :)
shweetlife Premium
Awesome post! Thanks Shawn!