Valentine's day?

Last Update: February 14, 2017

Why do we celebrate Valentine's day?

Has the commercial world forced it upon us to add to their yearly fiscal profit or is it indeed a day worth celebrating?

My thought are that everyday should be as important as the next, LOVE is not a once a year thing, we should celebrate it 24/7 and ever day of every year.

Love is not only a feeling it is also an act of your will.

So on that note I wish you TRUE LOVE every day of the year love. Sharing, doing for others love.

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reanna1 Premium
I agree! I celebrate every day since I am so in love with my husband! :)
amgolf Premium
I agree with you.
For me, true love is no need return of an investment.
Compassion and Parent-kid love.
MichaelGB Premium
Totally commercialised....thankfully commerce is not a requirement for love on Feb. 14th or any other day of the year......Happy Valentines Day!
WilliamBH Premium
Thanks Shona .. the god's have indeed smiled upon me and I have that every day with my amazing wife. Cheers, William.
Maria6661 Premium
I agree totally with this