How Do I Go About Doing This?

Last Update: May 14, 2014

Hello all,

It's me again. Yup, I'm still around.

So, I have a question about how I should go about having someone develop a software/process/system for an idea I have.

I was looking on oDesk, but I wasn't quite sure what topic to search under. I don't know if it's a software I need developed, plugin, or what.

So anyways, onto the main question:

Basically, I need something that can track how many donations users on my site are making, as well as some other variables, and I want it displayed in a user-ranking layout that shows all these variables.

So i need something that can track and do math/numbers stuff.

Is this a plugin I need?

A software?

A program?

Website development?

What would you call this and how do I go about having someone devolp what I need?

Thank you all and I look forward to your responses!



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mc7791 Premium
Good advice Caylynn. Yes I would recommend Google Analytics as well.
caylynn Premium
Google Analytics tells you what's happening. Kissmetrics tells you who's doing it. With the two you will get the number of people who donate and how often they are doing it. With that last piece, ranking.
There are plugins, not sure which are best since the new update.
Good seeing you again, Richie. ^_~
nomda ploom Premium
Wayne Wallace has put trainings up on using Google tools, what I was wondering was whether this might be suitable use for a Google form and then the data collection would be easy..
caylynn Premium
Yay! Put universal GA is in my Webmaster Tools (WMT) dashboard per Wayne. His YT trainings are super doopers. LOL. ^_~
judebanks Premium
Have you done the tracking training that is available at WA. Perhaps you can do this yourself by adding tracking codes to the links that take visitors to make donations, etc.

Type "tracking" into the search bar. See if the training by Magistudio, Kyle and others can help you set this up without having to get a custom system developed for it.

There are tons of tracking software in the marketplace and several WP statistic plugins. Have you checked/tested them to see if they include what you need?

Or you can go ahead and post your requirements on Elance - it's free to post a job - and see what feedback you get for your requirements.