Got 5 Sales in Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: April 18, 2019

I am super excited and motivated today. I got a thanking email from Kyle who congratulated me saying that I have entered into the Active Affiliate Status.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015 with high dreams and hopes. There was a huge learning curve I experienced. I couldn't even make a single sale during that time frame. Then I quit Wealthy Affiliate and tried other business opportunities.

Something within my heart always dawned on me - NEVER GIVE UP. As I tried different business opportunities- I started gaining my knowledge and developed my skillsets in the different components of Digital Marketing.

The combination of the different knowledge, skills and ideas that you develop during the different stages of your learning curve begins to add up on you. There were several moments of frustration, tension and banging my head on the wall. But this is the price that we all pay to achieve our dreams.

I kept on working very hard and I am getting stronger day by day. There will be a time in the future when I will be able to achieve the target of winning the las vegas trip. The field of Digital Marketing is a very beautiful journey.

As we keep working very hard to achieve our goals- Success is destined to come our way.

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MatthewLS Premium
Congrats on that achievement with more hard work and determination eventually that goal to LV will be in sight and accomplished.

I hope the best for you ,

NWTDennis Premium
Congratulations Shivaram ... your perseverance is paying off. You have worked hard to build your impressive skill set. It's all up from here.
JackieSmith Premium
Knowledge is power and it has proven to be true in your case. I love to read and learn about Digital Marketing. It is a beautiful journey indeed!

Congratulations on your 5 sales!
XeblaRacer Premium
Congratulation! I can understand the journey has been difficult. I've only just started, and I'm already begin to have doubts.

However, I still remembered a book I read explained how to become a great CEO. All they said was three words - "I didn't quit."

And that's precisely what you did! :)
SondraM Premium
Well deserved Shivaram! Your persistence and refusal to give up is starting to pay off. I am very happy for you.