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How to remove uncategorized tab on website?

How to remove uncategorized tab on website?

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How to remove UNCATEGORIZED tab on website and how to customize it? I'm showing it in the widget, menu and on my posts.

Thanks for helping. I was able to fix the widget and the menu.

I agree with the answers below, which all seem to be on the same theme, so right in my eyes ; )

If you don't want to delete the category, you could always go to your navigation settings and remove it from your nav bar... but I think its best to edit or delete =)

in your WP Dashboard - Posts - Categories - tick the relevant box - delete

If you just follow the training step-by-step you will get how to make adapted menus etc.

But an easy way to get rid of the Uncategorized is to rename it to a relevant name - when you are in the Wordpress editor, you go to the posts item in the left side bar, here you click categories, and then you can rename your categories.

Hope this helps.


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