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Last Update: June 06, 2018

Today, I'm going to breakthrough the walls of what has been limiting me, not letting me succeed achieving my goals. I'm going to leave my old mind set. I had been through a lot out there, have been trying to earn money, sacrificing a lot of my time at working, I haven't seen my family for years because I'm working far from home.

Sometimes I get home sick and sometimes a friends comfort would not suffice if you really miss being with your family.

After all, happiness is what really matters the most than money.

So I'm having this new level of mind set that I'm going to focus on WA because I want to work at home not needing to leave my family behind. I understand that this kind of business really needs effort and eats up a lot of patience and I'm willing to give whatever it takes.

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EKaye1 Premium
You will achieve your goals, just keep at it. All the best.
GaryK2 Premium
Keep moving forward and you will fulfill your goals.
JerryMcCoy Premium
With persistence and dedication you can achieve anything. I see that in your mindset. Good luck follow the training and reach for the sky.