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Making money when others sign up?

Making money when others sign up?

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WA Affiliate Program

How do I make sure I get credit for peoplle enrolling in WA?

Every blog post, lesson, has a button with an affiliate link on top. (check attached photo)

That link has your affiliate ID in it.

Alternatively find your main affiliate link on the $ sign on the main shortcuts, as Gordon said.

It would be best if they signed up using a different computer than the one you use

Give them your Affiliate Link which you can find under the $ sign and then program details

How do I insert pictures and images to article.?

How do I insert pictures and images to article.?

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Everything Wordpress

I can't seem to get my article to post the pictures/images. They are saved in the revisions, but when I go to my page revisions. The images are there, but not on the actual web

Hi, Marion has some great stuff outlined. All the best

If you are using Site Content then you need to Publish your post to your website.

If you are in your own website then follow one of this If you have installed the Gutenberg plugin then try this

Read this resource. It will help. Thanks for asking!
Israel Olatunji

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