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Last Update: January 20, 2019

Just read my email today. My first website has finally been indexed by Google. I'm about 80% done in level 2 affiliate. I joined WA on January 8 so it's only been 2 weeks. Want to learn as much as I can and put in my work as much as I can in hopes I can make at least 20k in one year. It's a bit farfetch but I really want to prove my husband wrong that I'm laser focused on marketing with affiliate programs. I just hope that I chose the right niche (everything about electric pressure cooker or Instant Pot cooking).

Am I going the right way?

Maybe I should promote WA program instead to achieve my goal and dreams? But I'm not sure if I'll be very interested in trying to sale WA membership by the end of the bootcamp. I don't think I can nor should do both work with affilliate programs and promote WA at the same time at this time. But I really hope to get results as soon as I can since I am going all in.

What I have been doing?

So far, I been working hard consistantly. I've been waking up early by 6:30am to work on content and get through training, something I don't normally do with any job. I'm really enjoying doing what I'm doing right now building my website with the help of WA training and it's community and I think that's what it takes to be successful business. Putting in 50-60/hr week and still wanting more to learn and build, super motivated, and inspired by many in the WA community. I just wish that my husband could be more supportive. I know that I failed to be consistant and stay focus on my last online business attempts: Etsy, Merch On Amazon, Zazzle, and Ebay. But I think this program will really help me achieve my dreams.

This maybe my last program which I will be attempting to make a successful online business. If it doesn't work, I'll have to go back in finding a 9-5 job somewhere ugh

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beachwood Premium
Congrats on getting indexed! This is just the beginning! As for your niche, I think you are on the right track, just follow the training and create as much unique content as you can on a regular basis and rankings will come. And yes, this will be the last program you will join because you are going to do great with your site and niche and be a huge success!
smartketeer Premium
Congrats for getting indexed Shelly!

A new journey has just begun ...

J-KWest Premium Plus
Awesome Shelly, and congrats! You're definitely putting in the work and doing what it takes. It took quite awhile for my wife to come around too. She was never not supportive but definitely indifferent and there were some tough conversations about not being present at the beginning.

When the money started to come she realized this was serious but even today, years later, I think she'd be more comfortable if I was still in my old job. She doesn't say it though, it's the hums and hahs that make me think it. It is a hard shift for most of us. We've been programmed to have a safe and secure job. Her actions though are very supportive now and I wouldn't be this far along without her.

I wouldn't think of this as "if it doesn't work". The truth is, you can't fail... all you can do is quit.

It 100% works and so many of us are proof of that. It's just that it sometimes doesn't work as fast as we'd like. There's a lot to learn and many of us (myself included) have struggled to match our audience to relevant offers. When you get that part right they'll search your site for links and even request more information to learn more or buy something.

If you get it wrong though, you can flash links and buttons all over your site and they won't click or buy a thing. So the key is to really understand your audience (your tribe) and what it is they're looking for. Not necessarily what they need, but what they want. If there's one area where people stumble and lose faith, I think that's it, but it just takes time to figure out.

You're doing awesome though, and I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I think having fun with it is also key to succeeding 😀

Cbaxley1 Premium
Awesome work. I'm really glad your super-motivated to learn more and more. There where so many around me here in my hometown, that thought I was going to go bust as well. I've tried other ventures in the past, that have failed. I came here, this has changed my life.
Also those around me, including family members see the growth with their own eyes and now they are believers. You will get there, to where your husband will see change in your motivation that differs from the past and then know this is for real.
Then the skies the limit with your success. Good luck in your future, here at WA and beyond.
Ps. I have a golden retriever that looks just like that profile pic, well did when he was young. They are such smart dogs.
Jason T Premium
Go with what you know and never give up on your dreams. It took me a long time to finally make money but it was well worth it. Five years ago my wife and family told me I fell for another online scam. Guess What? 5 years later I'm still here,hmmm does Wealthy Affiliate Work?