Houston, We Have A Problem!

Last Update: June 07, 2021


We’ve all heard the phrase “Houston, we have a problem,” that comes from the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission to the moon. But what most of us don’t know is that it’s actually a misquote.

Nevertheless, I am intrigued by the succinct words in a challenging serious event. Here I borrow this thought to express my needs in a much less serious situation..

I look at my banner at top of my personal membership website on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Oh my! Half the navigational links are missing. All my Educational Training, and other links are not there. I stare at the blank space, and wonder, Have I done something that I now am cut out of this wonderful site-building program? Perhaps I have been too slow? I have said or done tsomething dis-allowed? I scramble around to see if I can find them. NOTHING.


I opened my WA Membership site, with my picture, and my website link. ALMOST everything looks the same, but....
The main bar across the top with the WA symbol, used to have EDUCATION TRAINING, Websites.... The whole left top bar following the WA Symbol, is missing. The chat, communication and account links on the right side are still there. Have I done something wrong? Am I locked out of my account? Why can I not return to my training and Website work?

For awhile there is network silence. Everyone is in their own world - literally!

Then slowly the group, my WA Friends, almost family, hear and feel my frantic plea for help. Answers begin to come in. I read each one with care, trying to follow the technical talk so I might recover my link to education, training, to my niche website, etc. I Like, and Thank, and try to Follow their technical talk.

For example:

Jeff writes - I hope you got it sorted out, Shirley!

Shirley writes - Well, I think I read the list is hidden, but available along the left side, again. At least it was once recently. There was no evidence that it was there, until I hovered in that area, and it popped up. Blessings to you!
Jeff writes - Awesome, Shirley! If you ever want to make certain of something in the future also go to the top right hand, click on the three dots, then select incognito, and you will see it as your visitors will, and sometimes it's right there!

Shirley writes - Thank you. Jeff.

Rich writes - Is this solved, now?

Shirley replies - Well, I think I saw the list is hidden, but available along the left side, again. At least it was once, recently. There was no evidence that it was there, until I hovered in that area, and it popped up. Blessings to you!

Rich writes - What kind of hardware are you using?

Shirley responds - I am using an HP Notebook 10. It is old, but mostly good. Except the programs keep upgrading, then everything changes!
Recently my WORD upgraded. Now I cannot even open it. Some valuable files are hidden there. Upgrades are not always helpful!!

Joe writes - The platform changed a bit last year, now everything that was on the left side is now up top.

Shirley writes - Thank you Joe.Well, I think I saw the list is hidden, but available along the left side, again. At least it was once recently. There was no evidence until I hovered in that area, and it popped up.Blessings to you!

Joe responds - Anytime, Shirley. :-)

Rudy writes - As mentioned already, clear your cache and old history.
Then refresh page.

If you have not logged in since before the upgrade, try this:
Go to WA home page, click on login tab and reenter your credentials.

The page look has changed since the upgrade, so you may not recognize WA from memory.

If this does not work, use Chrome or other browser and attempt to login.

Let us know if you get this resolved.. Rudy

Shirley answers -
Rudy, you are a dear! Thank you. I have been trying to learn how to clear cache etc. I used to do this. I am on Nobebook10, and it seems to be different. Also, the person who gave this to me several years ago, "partitioned" it for security. I am lost already.
BUT, today I saw,: well, I think I saw the list is hidden, but available along the left side, again. At least it was once, recently. There was no evidence it was there until I hovered in that area, and it popped up.. Blessings to you! Shirley

Rudy responds -
You're welcome, Shirley!
What browser do you use to get online? And what operating system, is a notebook: Windows or Mac? To know this could help me to explain how you can clear your history and cache..

Shirley - Hi Rudy, I mostly use DuckDuckGo, or Firefox, least...G-Chrome..
HP Notebook is Windows 10.

Yvonne chimes in - I have often lost my top bar and one day I went into view and made it smaller and my top line came back. You could try refreshing your browser or do as Abie says clear your cache. Hope this helps.

Abie joins in - You may want to try a different browser or empty browsers cache. Also close tabs and reopen.

End Conversation.

None of my wonderful friends have realized how GREEN I am at the real TECHY side of Website Building. Each of you have offered great ideas, useful toward many causes for my "loseing" something--like the Links on the Bar at the top of my page..

Yvonne chiming in with a simple explanation, how BRILLIANT! By increasing the font, the size supercedes the capacity of the block, and the information HAS to go somewhere. Yes, it was on the left side, waiting for a hover to reveal its hide-out. It remained there until I reduced the font size, and it could once again fit nicely across the top on the bar, as designed by WA.

A hearty thank you to all of you for seeking answers to my plight. Houston no longer has THAT problem. And This conversation will be immortalized in a blog for reference and solution to future problems. I'm still smiling! I hope you are, too.


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VasilicaLuat Premium
Shirley, so glad that you are able to handle and settle the problem, maybe this once a very good lesson, and the willingness of our WA community to help each other.
SHeisey1 Premium
Yes! Varsyl.
Yvonne is the one who clued me in, that my font size was the problem. I would not have even guessed that was the issue.
DivineGood Premium
My dear, Shirley,

So sorry, my late
news this is.

I didn't know this
was happening to

So glad to know you
are settled now.

Peace, Shirley!

SHeisey1 Premium
Thank you, Elizabeth.
DivineGood Premium
Welcome, my dear.
As always.


SHeisey1 Premium
No problem. My WA family is not up 24/7. But there is around-the-world-connection. I'd say there remains Someone always available, when you are connected with so many around the world.
Blessings and Peace, My Friend!
DivineGood Premium
Yes, most definitely,
my dear Shirley and
that is a given.

Thank you much more.

Blessings to you more,

richardgb Premium
Hey Shirley...
glad you got it sorted!!
SHeisey1 Premium
Thank you! And the solution was a simple as reducing the size of the font so it could again fit in the space!
JeffreyBrown Premium
I am glad that you got it all sorted out, Shirley! It can be totally frustrating when hardware and software don't mesh like they should! Even more frustrating are the constant updates!

I truly do feel your pain!

I hope this new day will be trouble-free for you, my friend!

SHeisey1 Premium
Thank you Jeff. I still do not know how to resolve my unusable MS WORD. Maybe my grandson will be able to figure it out for me this coming Friday.
SHeisey1 Premium
Thanks Jeffery, and for you, The SAME!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very much appreciated, Shirley!

Newme202 Premium
And breathe ;)
I'm so happy you are now sorted and ready to go again

It is nice to know that we are all here to continue to help each other along the way
SHeisey1 Premium
Newme202 Premium
Awesome :)