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July 02, 2021
Free to GoThe phone rang. It was my daughter."Mom, how are you?""I'm fine, thanks. And you?""Can you come to Colorado? Diane needs help in the bakery. She can't find good help. People like being paid not to work."After considering the offer: Fare paid, Place to stay, Earn some money,Only six months:"Okay, I'm Free to Go!.' Diane had joint pain and could not manage the bakery alone.I gabbed my bags and my computer, and was off to Colorado within a week. The delight of this temporary chang
HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!We’ve all heard the phrase “Houston, we have a problem,” that comes from the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission to the moon. But what most of us don’t know is that it’s actually a misquote.Nevertheless, I am intrigued by the succinct words in a challenging serious event. Here I borrow this thought to express my needs in a much less serious situation.. I look at my banner at top of my personal membership website on the Wealthy Affiliate platfor
May 27, 2021
One Success Inhibited by a DeficitUnexpected success flashes over me. I fine myself on a journey into the unknown. The path is not well marked, as shifting sands have blurred the trail of others. But onward, forward, I continue to roll uphill. The picture which aptly illustrates both my feelings and my confidence that success will just as suddenly "happen" as has this event in life,-- this picture has been in my resources, hoped to use it to illustrate a previous blog. For some unknown rea
My Friend Simone, "What Do You Do with Your Lemon?" Your blog made a very good point. Use what you have on hand to bless others! That should be a way of life. Thank you for refocusing us on thoughtfulness for others. With apologies to you, I respond to some of the responses you received to your blog. There are other ways to use our lemons. I do not ignore the point of your blog, but here I answer your question: How do [I] use [my] lemons?Lemons can be expensive. Sometimes they sit in my
April 20, 2021
Fear of Writing FailureOr, do you fear the MOUSE in the HOUSE?!Greetings, WA Family. Hearty Welcome to Newest Members!!Here is a way to overcome a fear of writing. Some of you struggle with the concept of placing your thoughts on paper. HOW-TO is frightening. Perhaps never having experienced success in the past of communicating successfully through your written thoughts, you wonder how to overcome a fear of writing. Seriously, if you can type, use the hunt-n-peck method, or are typing tra
February 21, 2021
Greetings WA Family!Everyone begins somewhere. My kind began "In the Garden." Generation after generation have come and gone, each generation beginning again, each with their passion, learning and standing on the shoulders of ancestors before. So I begin again, spirited and adventurous at 70+ years of life. Can you imagine starting Online Marketing at my age? I can't either. Health challenged my life. I learned some things along my way. Now, I have a dream, a passion for health and happ