Can You Change the Featured Image?

Last Update: Jan 19, 2020

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Out with the old and in with the new... Well sort of..?!

I am back finally into writing consistent content as I had been very slack last year.

My pity party lasted a while but it gets boring just looking on and doing nothing - I had to get back to doing what I came here for.

And that is making a good income online - and truly enjoying what I love the most. Creating content - I just love it - writing and creating images for my site.

But I do want to go over my old posts and give them some love - and updates.

I know Jay has covered in video lessons about what you can change etc.

One part I am not clear on and a question I ask, is;

Can you change your featured Image for your post?

I know this is the one that does feature in google images with a link back to your site - can we change this to another - or more to the point - should we?

Will it affect anything that we shouldn’t be touching?

eg: I know you definitely do not change(update) the URL!!!!

Please let me know what you think below!

Recent Comments


Yes, I have to go back and change the size of some of my old featured images. I changed some of them already on the more important posts.


You can! in the WWW world, it is easier to find out the answer as well.



Yes I believe you can


I do not see why not...Unless you are getting some traffic from the featured image (which can happen) it really will not have any impact that I know of...

It may even get you MORE traffic if you also update the content if warranted, as you have freshened up the entire post. I have a lot that I plan on doing this with over the year (ones from almost 5 years ago for instance)...

Dave : )

The featured images become a big image at the start of my posts also and I want to be more uniform with how I do these images.

And some I have used in the past just look so tacky. I’m sure it will be fine too. All the best with your updates Dave!

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