Can You Change the Featured Image?

Last Update: January 19, 2020

Out with the old and in with the new... Well sort of..?!

I am back finally into writing consistent content as I had been very slack last year.

My pity party lasted a while but it gets boring just looking on and doing nothing - I had to get back to doing what I came here for.

And that is making a good income online - and truly enjoying what I love the most. Creating content - I just love it - writing and creating images for my site.

But I do want to go over my old posts and give them some love - and updates.

I know Jay has covered in video lessons about what you can change etc.

One part I am not clear on and a question I ask, is;

Can you change your featured Image for your post?

I know this is the one that does feature in google images with a link back to your site - can we change this to another - or more to the point - should we?

Will it affect anything that we shouldn’t be touching?

eg: I know you definitely do not change(update) the URL!!!!

Please let me know what you think below!

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mbouteiller Premium Plus
Yes, I have to go back and change the size of some of my old featured images. I changed some of them already on the more important posts.

megawinner Premium
You can! in the WWW world, it is easier to find out the answer as well.
shazzaWA Premium
megawinner Premium
timstime20 Premium
Yes I believe you can
shazzaWA Premium
DaveSw Premium
I do not see why not...Unless you are getting some traffic from the featured image (which can happen) it really will not have any impact that I know of...

It may even get you MORE traffic if you also update the content if warranted, as you have freshened up the entire post. I have a lot that I plan on doing this with over the year (ones from almost 5 years ago for instance)...

Dave : )
shazzaWA Premium
The featured images become a big image at the start of my posts also and I want to be more uniform with how I do these images.

And some I have used in the past just look so tacky. I’m sure it will be fine too. All the best with your updates Dave!