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Last Update: Sep 15, 2018

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I was just reading another WA member's post @DomW and his Successful 6 years here. And had this HUGE realisation of how just being consistent, (how little I have done this year) but having patience is just so key in online business.

Here, let me explain.

I will have been here 2 years at the end of Nov this year. For the first year to 14 months I was just going for it, to the tune of 3 posts a week for a good six months of that time. Which to some, isn't much, as I see people blog 5 to 7 days a week.

But doing that in the first year had me earn just over $400, which to the impatient, and I want to get rich next week just wouldn't fly, hence why NEWBIES here BAIL after a few months... (good luck finding a better system than what you have right here!)

GOTTA be patient newbies

In February this year after coming back from a family holiday, I truly wanted to increase my blog post writing because I now have evidence this thing really works!! (hmmm, this thing always worked - perhaps it is because "I worked" ?)

BUT... I had a HUGE curve ball (actually a couple) thrown at me, which just derailed me. One was to do with a post on my Website and the other was a family matter.

And derail it did!

Going from the momentum of writing 3 posts a week, I have written ONLY 4 POSTS in the past 6 months!! I never realised this until I checked that today. OMG! What have I been doing?


The fact I did come here to WA late 2016, followed the system, set up my website, got consistent writing posts, knew that it takes time to make money online, have been really patient and NEVER giving up ~

has my income thus far, grow to 5 times already than my first year... and it will be more in a few months - the end of my 2nd year! Just imagine if I had of stayed consistent and increased my productivity - the income I would be earning? It would be a whole lot more than I am earning right now, but in saying that, I am still grateful for what I have received.

So finally I have dusted myself off, know that my hard work right now, my consistency and patience will pay me well into the future. And boy, all I can say is Passive Income is a beautiful thing!

It really comes down to just keep on, keeping on.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

A HUGE lesson I have learned here however, is, and you have probably heard the saying "Make hay while the sun shines"

Life and unexpected things can happen, and they can derail us. But when things are going well, and you work hard at your business - you learn to not let most things around you stop you.

And seriously, YOUR future self will be very happy you did!

Thanks for reading and do let me know if something has derailed you and your progress here, but what YOU did to get over it and get on with it.

Would love to read your experience.

Never give up on your WA and Website dreams guys!

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Hi Sharon

Thank you for sharing this post, I am inspired by it.

Yes the answer is to be consistent and persistent.

wishing you all the best

You are very welcome Jennifer, thanks for checking out a few of my posts!

Thank you much appreciated and you are most welcome

Hi Sharon, I've just come off a hiatus as far as my WA effort is concerned, I couldn't ignore other lucrative opportunities. You do demonstrate that the WA model rewards sustained effort. I'm now working on merging my WA activity with my other business to the mutual benefit of both. Thank you for your post.

Hi Les,
I like to ignore such opportunities..lol. I just like doing what I do here. Feel much safer money wise!!!

Yes, it does reward you here, and if the hard yards are put in, will keep rewarding you just as I mentioned above.

All the best with your business Les!


Thank you for sharing, I believe we all have our slumps and I've experienced a slight slump lately, but I'm back on track now and striving to be consistent with my goals.

Here's to success.


Hi Cora,
Yeah, you are right, I think we all experience obstacles, it's how one from the other deals with it and just gets on with the job!

Consistency works best however and I am planning on getting back into that sooner than later! All the very best with your journey here at WA!


Thank you, you too.


What an inspirational post Sharon!

I got derailed by my job until I had to put it in the trash can and enter the world of consistence.

Now I have all the time in the world to make this work :)

Thank you Brian, and glad you can put alot of time into it, as alot of us cannot, hence why we have to schedule time and do what we can when we can!

I wish you all the best here in your journey as you build your website!

Thanks for sharing, Sharon. Sometimes I wonder what's the point when there is so little in return for so much effort.

I am hearing your Glen. But having seen so many inspirational posts here of people like @littlemama and @jerryhuang, and there consistent efforts and what they achieve, months even a year later. It really is worth just to keep on, keeping on!

All the very best!

Oh I definitely know the feeling.

I feel a little frustrated at the moment. In the first 6 months of my niche site I posted 7 days in the week with the odd day not. Later it faltered to a 3-5 times a week. Then life happened and it went to 2-3 posts a week with some weeks without because of things happening or me starting different projects.

Currently I try going for minimal 2 posts a week and if possible 3. I started a full-time job in June because I was required to by the job office. This is what makes it hard to achieve things at the moment. I try to write my posts fri-sun so that when I work Mon-Thurs I only need to publish, but even that is tough at times.

I suppose that I should post at set times and days to improve my popularity?

Currently I try posting Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the odd weekend extra post.

I got well over 200 posts in 17 months and started gaining traffic at the 7 month mark. The traffic isn't high yet however and am currently researching into the why. The obvious reason would be not ranking for stuff, so I will get to the bottom of that with jaaxy.

I saw my first sales in May this year and since I reviewed not too many products yet and ranked for low value products through Amazon, the earnings are low too. Anywhere between a couple of dollarcent to a couple of dollars.

Am I promoting the wrong low end products?, am I on the wrong affiliate program?, am I posting irregular? or didn't I entirely understand SEO yet?. All valid questions.

Otherwise like swangirl, I got hit by August core update and saw both my low sales and taffic drop tremendously. Traffic was around 80-100 unique a day to 30-50.


Hi Steven,
Yes I hear you that when working it can be tough however I found if I know what I am doing on any given day, I do get posts written and published.

I got into a schedule of posting Mon /Wed / Fri at 8pm. Like you, I would write most of the posts over the weekend, then finish them off and have till 8pm to get them published.

Having a schedule like that gave a sense of urgency and made myself accountable to get my posts done! Plus, my understanding is Google likes frequency and your site sending out good quality content and I must say, I did find my traffic growing but it has never had a lot. And seen as I came to pretty much a screaming halt the traffic dropped off as well!

All the best with your site Steven, it looks like you have worked hard on it going by the number of posts you have written.


Hi Sharon,
Your story sound just like mine! I have been here 2.5 years and I have been derailed several times. I have had many issues like serious health problems, moves etc. pop up and I still have a regular full time job. I had only done a few posts when I realized it just like you earlier this summer! I did really well earlier this summer and realized I needed to capitalize on all the time and work I have put in so far. I have been better about adding content the last few months.

Frustratingly, the Google update around August 1st was very bad for me and my traffic and sales went down. I hope eventually it will all level out again.

I felt the same way and wondered looking back, how much further ahead I could be if I had been more consistent. Oh well, live and learn!

Hi Jessica,

Yeah, it can be a pain when things don't go your way and it derails you. But I guess, now I have dealt with my problem, I will make sure it doesn't happen again or will just know better how mentally to deal with it!

That is a bummer when Google updates mess with your rankings so I do hope that gets better for you! All the best with that.


Hi, Sharon At least you have realised what you did and now you can get planning and achieve those goals you set.
I love WA and work every day writing a post and I plan to make hay while the sun shines because as you say you never know what can trip us up along the way and I too want passive income in fact full-time income is my goals
Keep on moving forward and all the very best

Hi Vicki,

Yes, I have some good goals I want to achieve. I want to get back to my consistent posting. I felt such an achievement when posts went up at a regular time and day and just watched my traffic grow.

I will get back to that and better it as I know the reward is so well worth it. Passive Income is just the best! All the best with your goals too Vicki!

Cheers, Sharon

Sharon, you sound ready and focused and you are going to do great again. I know it
All the best to you too thank you

Congrats and keep rocking!

Thanks for that Paul

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