3 Premium Members From 4 Referrals!

Last Update: Nov 5, 2018

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I am quite thrilled with my % of sign ups v's the amount of referrals who have come in as starter members in the past 2 weeks.

I have been here at WA for well over a year now. My website was gaining momentum towards the end of last year and early this year. I wasn't getting heaps of traffic - not even 100 visitors a day however, it was on the increase.

I went from consistent posting of 3 blog posts a week to virtually none for Feb/Mar/Apr this year (due to personal stuff going on) which meant my numbers declined.

BUT on the plus side, happy to say due to my first year of hard work, has me still earning residual income here from WA. (See hard work continues to pay off)

But getting back to what this post is about.

In the past 2 weeks or so, I have only had 4 referrals.

4 leads. That is it.

People here are getting 5/10/20 plus referrals A DAY.. and I got 4.. in 2 weeks!

But what I can happily say, from these 4 leads - is 3 have seen how great this platform is and gone premium. (And I look forward to working with them all!)

All I can say from that is I must be really targeting my niche through my posts, and I am in probably the toughest niche of all - make money online! (I only promote WA & Jaaxy)

So really, I do think if you are targeting your niche right - which is everything I learned right here at WA in all the lessons - then it shows you don't need heaps of numbers on any respective niche to make money. But of course, to make more... we have to do more!

The fact I have been off track I have decided to follow Kyle's SWAG challenge to get my consistency back as my biggest goal here is to get to Vegas. It may not be this year, however it is something I strive for.

So all I can say, is just keep on keeping on!
It is really important to follow the lessons, do the tasks always, and know your audience. It is everything I have learned and will continue to do so.

Thanks for taking the time to read and let me know how you are doing below!
Cheers, Sharon

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Congrats! My site is focused on marketing WA and Jaaxy also but it's so new I'm not ranking yet. How long (or how much content) did it take you to start getting organic traffic from serps?

Thanks for that!

A few months in I think it was. I found my best results come with consistent posting and I try to do similar days/times when I do

Congratulations! Sharon

Have all these referrals come
through organic traffic?

Thanks and yes they have which is great!

That's great!

Thank you Sharon for your response :)

I'm glad to see you taking off to success Sharon!

Thanks heaps Mike!

Congrats Sharon! That is a fantastic conversion rate! Higher than the norm. Keep it up!

Hi Kim,
Thanks, and yeah, it is higher than I have been getting in the past - I do hope it keeps at that pace - would be great!

Four in 2 weeks is awesome! Great job! From here, it'll only grow!

Thanks Julie and yes it will grow, things do if you keep "nurturing" them!

Excellent, well done.

Thanks heaps Gail

You're welcome

Motivating post, Sharon. We are still very much in the WA training and posts like yours inspire us. Thanks so much and all the best!

Hi Philip,
That is great and glad posts like this inspire you as they do to me as well. I am always checking out other's success and seeing what is possible for us all!

Congrats. Excellent job!

Thank you Kaju

Great job. If you can do it once, you can do it 100 times. Keep going.

Yeah absolutely Chris and thanks! That is exactly what I took from Kyle saying that too. Just rinse and repeat that is for sure

Congrats Sharon! That’s really motivating :)

Thanks heaps Jerry

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