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Last Update: November 14, 2017

If, you are like me, then you battle with cluttered thinking. I feel like my thoughts never shut off. Even in my downtime my brain is still working on multiple projects. I have come to learn that this is actually brain clutter. I began to try various steps to rid this clutter and strengthen my focus on where it needs to be at the time. If, you find yourself in the same cluttered mess of thinking, then I hope some this blog will help you deal.

#1 Step Away, Breathe, and Re-identify

First, remove yourself from your current environment. You might be at a place that you cannot just get up and walk off, but you can close your eyes and imagine yourself walking along a beach or mountain trail. Find that happy place. If you can remove yourself from your situation then walk outside, take a drive, go sit in a shade somewhere, etc. Changing your scene reroutes your thinking.

Once you have stepped away, take a deep breath. Don't just breathe, but inhale the fresh air. With each breath you take think on something positive and then release the negative as you breathe out. Breathe in peace and exhale anxiety. Breathe in love and exhale anger. This process is releasing strongholds in your mind and relaxes the body.

The next step of this process is to re-identify with who you are. Regain that focus by seeing the best you. See the victory. Know that you are more than able and that you are victorious. One way I do this is by simply saying, "Shane, you can do this. You were created for such a time as this. Greater is HE in you than he who is in the world. You have purpose and created for this."

During the day I'm not able to get up from my desk and just walk off. I have a very high intense and demanding job. While trying to focus on Toshiba, tech, security, etc.my mind will drift to WA and websites. Now, I'm juggling my job, WA, and I will then start thinking about the farm, wondering how the kids are doing, how my mom is doing, and creating my to do list for when I get off work, etc. etc. I have everything, but a healthy focus. I can't get up from my desk, but I will close my eyes and go through the above process. In just a couple minutes it's like a clean room in the brain. No matter where you are or the situation this can be done and will make a difference.

# 2 Write and Organize

The next thing I suggest is writing it out. I am a "list" person. I have my "to do list" at the office, one hanging in the barn, one on a sticky note on my lap top for WA, on the frig for the house, etc. I then have one to keep me focused from when I go to what list. HaHa, yes, I have to have my lists. I know not everyone is obsessed with them like me, but a simple list of activities/chores that needs to be done will help you have an accomplished day. Each time you check something off the list, it does something to the mind and brings a new sense of motivation. You will be amazed at how much time is saved in your day by sticking to a list.

Also, keeping a journal can help. There is therapy in writing. I do realize that this step is not for everyone; however journal'ing the fog of your frustration, obstacles, thoughts, etc. releases stress. It is self-therapy.

# 3 Eliminate the Unnecessary

Baggage has a tendency to attach itself. Get rid of it. If you are involved with unnecessary conversations, tasks, etc. that is bringing a negative impact on you then drop it. Negative words and actions of doubt will not just clutter your mind, but they will suffocate your efforts. They will become stumbling blocks in your path. If you allow the anger of others to become your company then your mind begins to entertain their feelings. Step away. Avoid the unnecessary.

This can be tricky because we don't want to offend those that unintentionally might be holding us back. How do you handle that? Point out the positive in their situation. Remember that misery loves company. If you are constantly stating the positive then the negative will knock on another door.

The unnecessary could be fretting over the dishwasher that needs unloading or the laundry that needs to be put on to wash. The unnecessary wears many different masks. Recognize them and chill out.

Easier said than done! I know. Believe me. I suffer from OCD. I can be at the house on the laptop and know that there is a dirty cup in the sink and my mind loses that focus on work. Now, the OCD is real and I know that I can't focus until that cup is either in the dishwasher or washed and put up. I can sit there and let that eat me up or I can jump up and take care of it and get straight back to work. I use this as an example because many things we can rid in less than two minutes. Do it and move on.

Stop worrying about things that are out of your control. Stop creating scenarios in your head of actions and conversations that have not even took place. Go back to step one and repeat.

# 4 Clean Up

If your desk is cluttered it has been proven that the mind and thought process is cluttered. Clean up around you. This new environment helps to release the clutter of the brain.

Also, it has been proven that by simply making your bed in the morning can motivate you for the day and help for more projects to get completed. The simple act of making your bed sub-contentiously gives an early sense of accomplishments and sets forth your day.

If the trash at your desk needs to be emptied then empty it. These little things on the outside helps dictate actions on the inside.

# 5 Talk To Someone

Last, but not least, talk to someone. If, you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, agitated, etc., then reach out to someone you can trust and talk about it. Being able to share your feelings with others allows the cluttered thoughts an escape route. Let it go.

Yes, there are other things that you can do, but if you follow these 5 simple steps then you will see a change with the cluttered mind syndrome. If, you do need to talk, then shoot me a pm and I will be glad to listen/read.

Just start at number one and work your way down.

You can do this! It is in you to be successful. Awaken the warrior inside and bring life to your dreams.

God bless.


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coxscastle Premium
As we say in the south. That's how you git R done. Great job Shane
Shayne329 Premium
Haha thanks and being from Mississippi I totally get it haha
Wayne66 Premium
I think some of these principles could be applied to those suffering from writers' block.

Totally agree with #2. Too many thoughts will keep us awake at nite so writing them down take pressure away from remembering all those thoughts. They are written down and you don't have to remember them, they will still be there, on that piece of paper, in the morning.

We do put heavy loads on ourselves without even realizing it so, thanks for this great post and reminding us to not put such a heavy load on ourselves.
Shayne329 Premium
Most definitely can be applied to writers block. Thanks for your comment and feed back. Awesome.
Cazza12 Premium
A great post Shane, I meditate everyday in the mornings before I get ready for the day ahead, it helps me to relax, get centred and alleviates all that mental chit chat. Also a deep breath, hold and release it does wonders too whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Cheers Caz
Shayne329 Premium
Thanks. It's great that you do that. Wish you the best.
cbuffone Premium
A great roadmap to clear the clutter, Shane. I constantly struggle with the balance of saving what may be needed in the future and the one-touch and discard theory.
Shayne329 Premium
I do the same.
MKearns Premium
Shake it down and throw it out!
Shayne329 Premium