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July 14, 2020
Hey folks, I hope everyone is doing well todayIs there anyone here at WA who wants to make a bit of side money making me a collage banner? If this works out there may be more work available.Shawn>>
November 28, 2019
Hi everyone!It has been awhile since I have checked in!I have a question I posted today in the Everything Wordpress Classroom about membership blogs. anyone has any experience in setting up and running a blog where you must be a member to unlock the comments feature I would love to pick your brain!I hope everyone is doing well and I should be around much more going forward and look foreward to getti
June 27, 2018
Hi, everyone!Just a heads up to all of you who found your G+ accounts missing yesterday.Rest easy, they have all been returned!Must have been a system thing on their end.By the way, anyone know what the heck size pic will actually work in the new blogs here at WA?Shawn>>
June 17, 2018
Hey all you fathers out there!
Hey everyone!Sorry for being away for a bit, been ultra busy writing articles for everyone, the business is rocken! kyle has blogged about the new GDPR laws going into effect on the 25th and I thought I would pass this on to you in case you missed it. have also been roaming around the new interface here at WA and getting familar with it. If anyone needs any help using it feel free to give me a shout!Till next time, have fun and rem
Hope you all have an awesome day!Shawn>>
Hey everyone!I am curious how many of you are using the Site comments feature here at WA.It seems to have came to a very slow crawl, lately and I am just wondering if people here are not taking advantage of this feature.I use it every day and it is a very important part of how I rank on Google.Do we have a need for a tutorial on how to use this feature properly? I would be glad to create one if needed.I urge you to take advantage of this and the Site Feedback feature also if you are not already
February 21, 2018
Just as a heads up for you new to SEO, when you make changes on your website and do everything right, you share in socially, you fetch as Google the post you have just written, and then the next day you check your ranking and see that your site has tanked a page or two or even disappeared this is not the time to freak out.Google does a thing called the google dance every now and then and if you just chill and give it a day or two, you may see your ranking come back not only where you were but h