If You Build It.They Will Come and Buy - My First Sale!

Last Update: March 05, 2015

If you're wondering whether this internet business works or not, it most certainly does! Yesterday I had my first sale on Amazon.

My site went live in late December of 2014, but I didn't have my Amazon affiliate until early-mid February. That means it took about a month for me to get my first sale. I had been struggling with how to promote Amazon without taking away from the feel and look of my website. I have product reviews linking to Amazon pages and certain photos in my posts link to Amazon as well. I even went a s far as to build a store; which I took down a few days ago (before this sale).

I work hard at delivering important and useful content extracted from my years of experience and it is having an impact; I have a traffic flow and now I'm converting sales. Ok it's just my first, but I'm not letting that take away from my excitement. The moral to the story is, if you build it they WILL COME and BUY.

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ToneFleming Premium
Be excited buddy! Great news.
Shawn-1 Premium
Thanks everyone. I'm still searching for the right combination of advertising, but it's great to see that first pop.
LolaAJ1 Premium
Totally awesom Shawn .
gohealthy Premium
Congrats Shawn! It's always great to hear somebody made a sale. :)
Ken-Pringle Premium
Shawn, congrats. This is just the begining.