Renewal Date, Black Friday!

Last Update: November 20, 2018

Two years ago, I was "playing" around with WA. trying to decide if it was right for me?

Then the Black Friday $299 deal came up and I took the plunge, I did exactly what Kyle said to do, commit to a year, and eaxactly what he said not too, put a time limit on my business. I said If I don't make $299 in my first year I will quit.

I thought it was a modest target and one I really should hit no problem. I didn't and one year ago I posted this:

I had failed in my first year and had to take a huge leap of faith to continue, I very nearly decided this was not for me and I should walk away. Honestly I don't know what made me carry on, but something made me ignore the timescale I had put on myself. I like to think it was a faith I knew I was doing the right things and building a real business and in the end it would pay off, but it was probably more a fear of quitting.

Back then I was getting 10-15 hits a day, and I had managed around $100 in income (all year).

Now I am averaging 200 hits a day and consistantly pull $1000 a month, and to think I nearly didn't renew! To think I was that close to success and very nearly pulled the plug!

Now I have more then 10x the traffic and more than 10x the income, If I can do that next year, I will be thinking of relocating perminately to Hawaii!

I think it's fair to say, I don't have the same issues renewing this year,

Even if next years gains are more modest I still expect to be well over $2000 a month by next summer and over 500hits a day, hopfully bringing a few more income streams online too. This is the minimum of my expectations, and the sky is the limit!!


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firstlearn Premium
That is really good Steve.

mystyle Premium
Awesome Steve, the best thing is not to give up and give it your best short full time.
HuyNLe1989 Premium Plus
Awesome Steve! I remember when I rejoined I ran across your post from last year and it really helped me set my expectations and just dive in and work hard at it and it is a process. Glad to see everything is looking up for you! How many posts did you manage to pump out in the year?
sgregcrx Premium Plus
Hi, Forgot about that, I am nudging towards 200 pages and posts. So well over 100 this year and these can be 4000word + very high-quality in-depth posts. I don't do the <1000 word quick posts.

I also have a whole heap of youtube videos that I plan to add to and keep pushing the Instagram/facebook too.

I also Doubled the scope of my Niche!
newmarketpro Premium
That's inspiring Steve. And I am sure there are people who feel the same way as you did at the end of the first year. Sometimes the same thought strike me but I always ask myself this; if I quit now, what's next? Is there a better option out there? And to be fair to ourselves, the time frame should be realistic with the condition we are in. If we are doing this on full time basis, one year would a fair deal but for someone who is still on 9-5 job, 3-5 years is not that long too.
Thanks for sharing.

sgregcrx Premium Plus
Yep, I think that's it, If I had Quit WA I would have quit Affiliate Marketing completely and really I don't know where I would have turned in that case. I do not believe there is a better platform out there!

Yep With my fulltime job and Family life I can't expect instant success so the 3-5years growth is probably right, hopefully, nearer the 3 lol

I can't wait to write this post again NEXT Black Friday!