Renewal coming up. Decisions

Last Update: November 17, 2017

Stay or Go ?

Just slightly less than 12 months ago I made the decision to stop playing around with WA and commit to a full year.

The Black Friday Discount made this a very easy decision. at $299 it's a stupendous deal and this year the renewal seem even better considering the improvements to the platform over the last year.

As things stand I am really struggling to find an reason to look outside of WA for hosting it for fills my needs perfectly at a great price point. and if the improvements continue at the rate that the happened last year then it should be even more incredible this time next year.

However, that doesn't mean I am going to renew!

I am sure this is the RIGHT place for any Affiliate Marketer. But that doesn't mean Affiliate Marketing is right for me.

When I renewed I made a promise to myself to give this a real go and see how it plays out. BUT only carry on and renew if 12months later I have made enough from the program to pay for the renewal. It's not that I can't afford it, just if I hadn't made $299 by then the whole thing probably wasn't for me.

So as we approach that mark I need to ask have I made $299 in a year answer...

..... No

Pretty disappointing. So I guess I won't be renewing. A promise is a promise. Make a plan and Stick to it.

Well not quite.

I have in fact made NEARLY that around the $270 mark if I use some creative maths. So I am hardly breaking promises to myself. And more importantly I am seeing some real progress.

I underestimated the competiveness of my Niche (Travel). Along with the work load needed to create top quality content for it, which will be needed due to the competitiveness. And the learning curve to be able to write that content (still not there)

But breakthroughs are coming, rankings are rising and I am really confident profit is on the horizon now...I think. Most importantly I seem to have broken a plateau I was stuck on and things are looking better almost every day.

So I just can't possibly quit now, I still don't know if I have what it takes but need to find out. Success is always a path and I feel I am lot further down that path now than I was 12 months ago. So another 12 months will see me even further, I just don't know how far I have to go.

Obviously making this little money is very disappointing I hoped to have made a lot more than this. But oh well a lot got in the way last year Work, Ironman Training, Life. I am long way down on my targets 70 Posts instead of a planned 100+ But I am starting to get the Ranks I want, slowly. Slowly breaking through the wall.

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TDBauer Premium
Good post. Love the honesty in it.

Yeah, the travel niche would be a hard one to crack into, I would think. It can be very broad.

Good luck!

sgregcrx Premium Plus
Yeah I have targeted a slightly narrower niche within the industry obviously, targeting US City visits. But it's still very broad, but it's a BIG pie, I only want a few crumbs!
MozMary Premium Plus
lol, I too find that crumbs from a big pie certainly are substantial - magistudios also has a webinar on selecting niches and estimating the income, notice the peeps who do this as an income usually have fingers in a number of pies, I too have a niche that requires mostly well researched long articles, but have picked up some nice commissions in social media with no posts at all
MozMary Premium Plus
glad you are not quitting, if you did 70 posts in a year then that is less than 2 a week, so you didn't give yourself a fair chance, sounds like you are building momentum though :)
sgregcrx Premium Plus
Indeed, I lost a couple of months early on when work just got in the way, but even at full pelt (for me) I only create 2-3 post a week. It is worth saying my post are very comprehensive, require vast amount of research and average 2-3000 words.

It's a lot of content, just not a huge amount of posts.
MozMary Premium Plus
a consistent posting like that all year could change things for you...