Back in the saddle again…

Last Update: April 09, 2014

Well, It has been about two weeks since I have really been on WA, reading blogs, working through my courses, keeping up with things in general, and unfortunately not much progress was made on my websites either. I can say it was a nice break, I was doing some traveling, attended a convention spent time with friends and family and was able to dive into one of my newer hobbies so I enjoyed myself and in the end there was some serious benefit!

So when I am on WA daily and checking in and well immersed in the community and the progress of my websites I get a bit of tunnel vision, almost like getting sucked into Facebook and losing track of time. I think most of us have done it, we intend to check a message or post something and three hours later we look up realizing that we are hungry, thirsty and have no idea what time it is, haha.

So I realized that taking some time away and not thinking about it has cleared my mind and given me some fresh perspectives on a few things, allowed me to get creative with new ideas and just overall revitalized me and I am so ready to dive back in at full steam. I have lots of great ideas I can't wait to implement from getting content filled in, drivning traffic, creating some buzz and just really taking off with actually making some money with this.

Now Im not advocating that everyone disappear for two weeks, but take a break, take a day off, clear your head and do something you enjoy off line. Go for a walk, take a nap in a park, go to a party, connect with friends or have a spa day. Do something you really enjoy away from the computer because we are all doing this so we can have a better life for ourselves, why not remind ourselves what that better life is all about!

Glad to be back!

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KatieMac Premium
time away is good for the production, will be heading away myself but can still work where I will be going, but it will have to be structured differently since I need to look after 3 grandchildren till there new brother comes along, this is why this is so good to be working on,, glad your back
Sui_generis Premium
Glad you're back and revitalized. I think everyone gets sucked in and loses track of time. Sometimes it's tough to step away from the computer.....
Starcreator Premium
You're out about that, we need to give ourselves a break once in a while. I do that too, I get so obsorbed with everything, I forget about the other parts of life. Hopefully, our creative ability will come back in full steam after a break.
nomda ploom Premium
hi mate, good to see you again! seriously, we can all get a bit too serious about this, different strokes for different folks right?
Fourtuna Premium
Sounds like a great idea taking a break.