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Last Update: September 17, 2013

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Selling anything is an art. It takes practice and skill. It requires patience and understanding.

At the pinnacle, though, of the most important skills for any sales person to have is a true desire to help the client. Believe it or not, when we place the interest of the prospective buyer before ourselves, we will usually come out ahead.

Remember the saying, "Facts Tell, Stories Sell."

Buyers make purchases based on EMOTIONS. If you have the ability to elicit an emotional response from your audience, they will be more willing to listen to you or make a purchase. Very few people make purchases based on facts alone.

Sharing a story that is true and captivating will be one of the single most important things you can do to grow your business. This is why blogging is so effective!

This is one of the great lessons I learned from my mentors as a Realtor and it became the single most important rule of sales I ever gained from the many training camps or courses I paid for.

My mentors at The Core covered everything from time management and NLP to sales tactics. Of all of these, understanding your client was top priority.

The ability to listen and truly care about your audience seems to be in lean supply these days. It has become such a rare and treasured quality that when present, it sings from the rooftops, "Hey, I'm here! I'm listening and I care!"

Let Your Light Shine

There is an easy and enjoyable way to succeed in any sales position, and there is a cold-hard, miserable way. What is the difference?

The cold-hard miserable way of sales will tell you to PUSH products, use bullying, chase people down, lie, cheat, whatever the hell it takes! Oh, that reminds me of another blog I wrote here.

Whereas the easy enjoyable way to succeed in sales is to ask questions, listen to your client, get to know them and what motivates them, give them value, and most of all, give them what they want.

Which modus operandi do you prefer? Perhaps it is time to stop thinking about what we want and focus on what the client wants.

Not only does the easy enjoyable way help your client, when it comes to repeat business, they will be eager to come back for more.

My latest experience was a day I spent at the car dealership a few months ago. Hesitant to work with a dealership from the start, I changed my mind because of the relationship I built online with the saleswoman who kept in touch. After going in to the dealership, it was evident that the woman was not interested in LISTENING to me at all.

After CLEARLY expressing the exact color, make, and model of car I wanted (and which they had sitting on the lot), the saleswoman proceeded to offer me a completely different vehicle. Not only was it a different make and color, it was a completely different style altogether! My desired vehicle was a sedan and she was pushing an SUV!

Talk about CLUELESS!

In complete contrast, I decided to save myself the pain and go directly to a private seller.

Although I had to shop a couple different cars and sellers, my experience was a complete JOY!

Why? Because for one, I decided to work with a person who wasn't cramming their product down my throat. My purchase was pinpointed and directed at EXACTLY what I wanted. And best part yet, the seller wasn't playing a role of SALESPERSON. It's important to note that while he was a salesperson (wanting to sell his car) he didn't BEHAVE like one.

He shared STORIES with me about how well he and his family cared for the vehicle. He told me about how well the car performed for him and why he loved it. He expressed with me how badly he would miss the car and that he was only selling it because his families need to relocate.

Did he try to convince me that I NEEDED the car? NOPE.

Did he try to sell me a different car? NOPE.

Did he need to pressure me to buy his car? NOPE!

Let your stories SELL and leave your facts for someone else to TELL.

As always, I wish you abundant blessings,success, love, peace and happiness.

Keep Moving Forward!


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