Why bother giving Thanks!

Last Update: April 04, 2017

Why bother giving Thanks!!!

Why bother doing all this Law of Attraction Stuff...I don't need to believe...I get everything I need ...My life is ok....yeah can get better but it wont...thats just life...Money has to be earnt not asked for...life does not have a secret key!!!...Money comes from education, learning a trade...working hard!!! Thanks is nothing to do with anything....

Do you feel sometimes...there is more out there and more to see to find to dream but no idea how to get what you want?

ARE you conditioned...We all as human beings are conditioned to live a life to survive, to fight for life......we are educated to believe working hard is good!! We are conditioned to be be a grown up and dreaming is for kids...We are conditioned that giving Thanks and Law of Attraction does not really exist...

But do you have problems and stress that wont go away? Does life pose challenges and adversities that just don't leave!!!

Do you feel your life will never change how ever much you want it to??

Do you feel only lucky ones get the big house, big car and big life!!!

Stress, money, family issues, work problems...does it all just go wrong sometimes no matter how hard you try to make it work!!



Life is as you are so...be crazy, fun happy, be fun, be amazing be thankful!!

Giving thanks and giving appreciation emulates a positive aura, a positive being, this is contagious and will move to those around you...

Giving thanks for the air we breathe, the family we have, the home we live and monies we get is the best way to reach to a higher level of energy.

Being Grateful and loving what you have puts you in a good mood, a happy mood, a fun mood and a crazy mood.

Being grateful helps you move out of your comfort zone.

Love, gratitude and appreciation helps resolve daily stresses of life, cope with mountains of problems we all think we have.

Be thankful and happy - not grumpy and sad!! you cant be both!!

Be thankful and positive so sickness doesn't come knocking!!

Being thankful consistently with every action thats negative or positive shows us energy, direction, focus and life lesson for abundance and prosperity.

Being in a state of thankfulness gives us strength and hope.

Being grateful consistently is effortless.

Being thankful we manifest great things.

So yes this is why we bother to give thanks.

Giving Thanks is the secret key...

That opens opportunities that makes your dreams come true!!

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MKearns Premium
Terrific post Sara Jane. Stellar presentation!
CraigW315 Premium
I believe this wholeheartedly.
There is a wonderful book by Pam Grout on the topic of thankfulness called Thank and Grow Rich. I would highly recommend it and her other books, E2 and E3, to anyone who is interested in the law of attraction, or just understanding how the universe has your back. Even if you already believe, they are good reads with a number of stories detailing the experiences of the author and others.

Great post.
Sarajane4343 Premium
thank you so much
CraigW315 Premium
My pleasure. I enjoy reading your posts. :)
RoxanneHardy Premium

This is how I start my day daily, love this thanks for sharing.
Sarajane4343 Premium
Your welcome.My blogs are what people know but sometimes it does need re-affirming. The more we believe the more we will receive.
have a great day now
RichBrennan Premium
Having an attitude of gratitude is what brings more of the good stuff into our lives. Thanks for sharing :-)