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These do not come from myself but are part of my morning Rich-ual-They are important for me with my journey to life prosperity.I thought I would share as a mindset or belief is so important to determine ones own gain or loss Therefore a mindset with lack of - emanates fear and a mindset of richness gives you prosperity!!AFFIRMATIONSI AM RICHI KNOW THERE ARE UNLIMITED WAYS MONEY CAN COME TO MEI AM HAPPY TO GIVE BECAUSE MY ABUNDANCE IS LIMITLESS THE UNIVERSE CONSPIRES TO GIVE ME EVERYTHING I N
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April 11, 2017
Life is a way of determining your path and route you go..everyone makes a choice where they go and the route you choose is always an amazing one.This is how I believe we all live our life.Everyone on this Earth is on a Journey.The journey of life is the way to life abundance.Life abundance and prosperity are through personal choices.Choices are influenced by family, friends, peers, media, culture and social class.Social Class, education and environment are part of our whole way of life.Life do
April 04, 2017
Why bother giving Thanks!!! Why bother doing all this Law of Attraction Stuff...I don't need to believe...I get everything I need ...My life is ok....yeah can get better but it wont...thats just life...Money has to be earnt not asked does not have a secret key!!!...Money comes from education, learning a trade...working hard!!! Thanks is nothing to do with anything....Do you feel sometimes...there is more out there and more to see to find to dream but no idea how to get what you want?
April 03, 2017
This is a very quick Blog!This is for you!( you download this and print out the cheque! It is important you do!Then put in view of you !!Then believe what you put on the cheque!!Really believe the cheque will manifest what you want!!!Then it will be so!!Remember to believe in you! Ask for what you want and this will be!!! Change you mindset and your paradigm as life only serves you as you feel and think.Have a great day now!!
March 31, 2017
I want to share with you my daily affirmations that I have obtained from my Mind Movies programme.I DO THESE EVERY MORNING AND IF AM FEELING IN A LOW STATE.These are not written by me so I take no credit. I just thought I would like to share with you.I wake up each morning with a grateful heart and open mind.I appreciate all that I have.I say Thank you for all the wonderful blessings in my lifeI choose to see the silver lining in all situations.I am grateful that each day I am learning and grow
Because simply you are!!Turn your frown upside down The art of Life Abundance is with in you.BE GRATEFULI will be doing a blog daily just to re-inforce my appreciation for life and how life can be for us.Gratitude is my blog today. The importance of Gratitude is not to say this but to believe this.These two simple words can help you!!Anthony Robbins is just one of many powerful and influential teachers that show you how to become Wealthy in self, life and money. One thing he enthuses very inte
March 28, 2017
I'm back!!!!!!I have been on my amazing adventures to the States. I am going to do a blog page/website that shows my travels, what have learnt and all I hope to gain.I have been really ill as well post my travels.These are the reasons I have not been online.My reasons to come back!!HO'OPONOPONOThis small few words of Ho'oponopono show you that to move forward is to believe in you.I love you - love your self no matter what and forgive yourself for wrong doingsPlease forgive me- forgive me for ne
February 20, 2017
I have not been online recently. This is simply due to my preparations for Vegas and Dallas. I have also been doing loads of courses, seminars and webinars with personal development. One thing that I learnt and its so important is:HO'OPONOPONOI love youPlease forgive meI'm SorryThankyou.Its for Cleansing of the mind to get help deter negation, procrastination and self doubt.This I chant to myself all the time and really does work. Jo Vitalie has loads of books on this and is such a great way to
January 27, 2017 IS DEDICATION TO MY LIFE COACH!I have made this movie! For a change to my blogs!It's a movie that's shows possibilities of life and how you are so amazing!Believe and it will happen!Make your life rich with gratitude, love and worthiness!This movie has shown I can do ! When I never thought I could!ENJOY!
January 21, 2017
WHO ARE YOU?I don't mean in the literal sense but who are you? I mean who are you?Personality traits depict you.Everyone is unique, you are unique. But.. In order for you to be successful in life you need to chase the personality that fits you!! This will enable you to build relationships that will fit your lifestyle and successes in life!!!ARE you a??DIPLOMAT?A leader who is driven to success no matter how or who gets in the way? These are strong and determined who will get to their destinatio