I have writers blog lol.

Last Update: June 09, 2015

I know that I am supposed to write my first post on my website before I move on with the training but I'm procrastinating....I think!! Or do I just not cut the mustard as a blogger?? It should be simple as my niche is rather huge but it feels like I'm back at University but in this case the whole world might just see my assignment as opposed to the Professor (or his/her assistant because I know that they don't mark the assignments themselves).

Please god, grant me the courage to just write something and then hopefully I will then keep on writing. Pity I'm not religious but what the heck. Praying seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Will anyone actually read this Post or are these just my musings? Either way I just had to get that out there. I've now made a decision and I am going to break the rules and continue with the training and not write my first post on my website just yet. My writers blog (you know that this should say block) is just stopping me in my tracks so I'll push it aside and carry on learning. I'm sure then that I will gain more confidence to quickly and without procrastination or even perfection write some posts on my website.

Thanks for listening :-).

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anthrovol Premium
I do a lot of the training steps out of order. It's not like you're sitting in a classroom where everybody has to do the same assignments at the same time. WA falls right in the middle of people living a life full of complications and competition for your time. Mix it up and do things when it's appropriate on your schedule.
SandraParm Premium
Hi Gary, Thanks for the words of wisdom. I look forward to making my schedule more flexible :-).
SandraParm Premium
Hi Moritz. Thanks for commenting. I'm beginning to realise that feedback is a good thing. I'm not use to speaking my mind with no care for anyone. I know you can't please everyone so your going to have the people that will give both negative and positive feedback. It's reality isn't it.
By the way, I had already read your post a couple of days ago (Time to say good bye). Great blog and very helpful.

MoritzS Premium
Hey Sandra,
don't worry too much. In the end we blog because we want to touch people's lifes. It shouldn't be about the money, it should be about the people.
After some time you will hunger for feedback, and want to know what people think about your posts.
Don't be shy. ;)
My first post was really bad, by the way. I do need to go back and change it! :D

What is your niche? If it's huge, then maybe it is too broad?!

Only yesterday I wrote something about procrastination and how I battle it.
Maybe you will find this useful, too. All the best!
SandraParm Premium
Hi Clyde, Thank you for your posts. I read both Killing the Demon and Enemy of Purpose and it has helped greatly. I just have to knuckle down and not worry about what other people may think of my posts. I think that is what worries me most but they don't have to know me and I'm sure that the more I write the better I will get.

Thanks again.
ClydeB Premium
I read your entire post and i hear you loud and clear Sandra! It appears that you are standing in the shadows of your own greatness. But I want you to please read this post I wrote here and we will chat afterwards.