Ambassador Rank Skyrocket!

Last Update: September 16, 2015

So I did training classroom 2 lesson 10 recently. The exercise was to make one blog post and comment on other's questions and comments.

Just doing that took my rank from the high 3,000s to the 2218. It took such little work I'm going to keep doing that and more to better my rank.

Has anyone else found this improvement or any other successes with the community?

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Dmorrow Premium
Yes, and every time you make comments on other people's blogs and websites you score as well. It's all about the community spirit.

LLiu Premium
Good work Sal...good idea.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
It'll happen as you perform more within WA Sal. But yes I have success with this community.
JanK88 Premium
Congrats, Sal! Keep it up :)
BushiAntz Premium
Yeah, I started this rank at 14,000 3 months ago now I am pretty high up. I would say my best achieve though is actually talking to people and communicating as I have social anxiety so I am really happy that I have improved so much in that aspect.