A Risk Worth Taking

Last Update: April 27, 2018

I have discovered that wealthy affiliate is a risk worth taking. A lot of people are still out there struggling to succeed through blogging to no avail. It is one thing to know how to write it is another thing to write it well using professional tools.

I used to have a blog before now but I never knew half of what I have learned here within few weeks in all my years of blogging. Shortly before I took this adventure seriously, I have been dreaming of earning through affiliate marketing without success. Though I haven't started the real affiliate stuff, I'm sure when I get there, Kyle will blow me off again with his amazing nuggets. Hmm, can't wait to get there.

Within this few weeks, I've been able to set up my blog and started publishing too. It's awesome and so rewarding when you achieve greater heights, isn't it? I feel so high now even without taking any dope. I have achieved something here; less than a month! Phew!! Well, another shocker!!! Google has indexed my blog and some of my contents. Isn't that a great feat?

I've never been so interested in learning new things all my life. Can't wait for the next lesson to be unveiled. I always feel like jumping the gun most times but you know the repercussion now, you'll be a half-baked cake. So, if your blood is boiling like mine, try cooling it down and follow the training step by step.

I have come to realize that the only way to succeed in online blogging is Wealthy affiliate. I must commend the resort of Kyle and Carson ( always operating behind the scene) and the whole community. You guys are great! No one can succeed without a mentor, I won't forget my first mentor; Israel. He encouraged me to register and has always been there for me.

There are many out there whose success is indirectly ties to tour destiny. Will you find and encourage them to join WA? They'll forever be grateful to you. There's nothing like risk taking; reading this piece is a risk but it's worth taking because you would have learned one or two things.

To all new comers, I welcome you here. You're in the right place at the right time. Don't allow the poor mentality of get-rich-quick discourage you from completing your training. Try go premium and unleash all the benefits hidden in WA. What you sow now is a great investment for your future; what you will start reading within 4 months. I guess you have gone through the first 4 months of the year with no achievement. Don't let the next 4 months meet in you in the same spot. Keep moving, keep learning, keep doing new things; it's a risk worth taking!!!

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dbriley Premium
Great encouragement! WA is a wonderful place to be and learn. Oh and congrats on getting indexed it is a great feeling. If we keep moving forward we will get there.
Sally73 Premium
Yeah, we are getting there.
firstlearn Premium
I don't think it is a risk but more a certainty if you follow the lessons.

Sally73 Premium
Hi Derek, a lot of people have passed this opportunity over several times you know. Your decision to join WA and see what it holds is a risk on its own because it's a new adventure. Just like other investments, WA is an investment and every investment is fraught with uncertainties. Your decided to go premium or yearly without achieving anything at the moment but with the hope that the system won't fail. So, each time you refer people to WA and they're caught up with the spirit of indecision, refer them to this post, that WA is a risk worth taking.
RebeccaMS Premium
I just signed up for Premium today and came across your post. I'm happy to see that you believe Wealthy Affiliate is helping you move forward. I too believe I can learn from Wealthy Affiliate and the community.

I real like how they have the action item check off list for the training sessions. I'll be working at this every day as I'm sure you are too.

Here's to both of us and our success!
Sally73 Premium
Hi Rebecca, I believe so much in this community. Together, we shall get there.
Kyle Premium
Education is never a risk, nor is building a following, and having access to a subset of tools that will help you progress within the online business world.

Not taking action and staying the same is the greatest risk in life that we can make.
Sally73 Premium
mission0ps Premium
Keep going >>>> :)