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Last Update: December 19, 2018

I just wanted to post a short little blog post about a discovery I made about myself and my business.

When I first decided to try Wealthy Affiliate, I have to admit that my motivation was to find a way to provide more financially for my family.

I had toyed around with getting a second, part-time job, but could never bring myself to do it because I value time with my wife and kids too much and didn't want to be out of the house more.

That's another reason I was so happy to get involved here, because it gave me the opportunity to write (something I love), make money, and do so from home.

I chose my niche of "Get Fit on a Budget" because I enjoy fitness and at one point was a certified personal trainer (that second job idea). I created a website with the intent of connecting people to fitness products and services that don't cost an arm and a leg.

However, as I am going through training and creating content on my website, I'm beginning to realize something. I'm beginning to realize that there is an opportunity and a purpose beyond me making extra money and connecting people to products.

I actually have the knowledge and the ability to HELP people. People who may feel lost as to how they can better their health and quality of lives. I actually might have influence on a person bettering themselves!

Isn't that the opportunity we all have here? It's so important to remember that our websites are more than just marketing and connecting products to consumers. We have to opportunity to bring people to a place where they can find a help, community, and even hope!

During this season and into the new year, what if we took this mindset from now on that we have a greater purpose than making money? That we have the potential to help people. What kind of change can we make?

Merry Christmas everyone!

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JeannineC Premium
I consider that one of the special benefits of this industry - being able to help others and support ourselves too. In both directions, we're helping to solve a problem. Glad you discovered that wonderful point too.
DragonHippie Premium
I love it! I have to admit though, I think most of us have a similar story which is why we're here. Sure, initially we wanted to make money but then after choosing a niche and creating content we began to realize that we enjoy helping others in the process
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
We all try to help at WA.
Blessedalso2 Premium
Thank you!

Stephen, you are 100% right, time with family is valuable and helping people is just as valuable!

I believed also and in agreement with you that WA provides us with a platform that is perfect for helping others.

Our success should come from our ability to successfully help others and the money will follow!

I believe that wholeheartedly!

All the best,

ExpatMark Premium
I am a Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist also, and I do it to help others find a way to change their lives thru diet and exercise. Moving to a country where the cost of living and going online gives me the chance to offer my services to many more people and considerably less cost.
Lot of competition in health and fitness, but plenty of pie to go around.