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Last Update: March 01, 2017

How would anyone feels when he hear someone taking about making thousands if not millions of dollar on the Online Business within a short period. The reality is people would not want to reveal the real fact and figure. Or, perhaps, it is a marketing strategy to market their stuff.

Most people would look for a niche they enjoyed and started a Website. Then, writing good content with right keywords to get SEO ranking and attract traffic to your site. The start-up cost may be small, but you don’t see an immediate income. It’ll take time, lots of hard work, planning the right strategy to make money Online.

Of course, there are unlimited potential earnings in the Online Industry. However, we need to master and explore anyone specific market well before Monetising it.

Here, I would like to venture into the subject of Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce or Physical Products, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

This method may not be a good idea to make much money. However, it is the easiest way to get some money from commission of sales as an Affiliate made by your visitors. Do select some high ticket products in order to get the higher commission rate.

Remember your product has to be related to your niche because of that particular interest of people visiting your site. Writing review and testimonial of the product is the best form of Affiliate Marketing.

eCommerce or Physical Products

Selling physical products require an investment to buy and store up the products at your warehouse or Amazon if you are selling there. Typically, You’ll receive the revenue from sales almost immediately provided you research well and sell the hot products that most people are looking. It gives you a higher profit margin which could be ranging from 30% to 200% depending on what products you are selling.

Selling Physical Products have the potential of giving you very high Return of Investment. Do bear in mind that you need to calculate the loss, could you need to sell the products at a lower price to get reviews. Also, clearing the stock at the later stage when you cannot sell them at a profit.

Content Marketing

This can be blogs, video and social media posts created to provide some valuable and relevant content with regards to your niche. The Internet is all about selling information. By creating to your prospects and helping them to solve their problems, you show yourself as an expert in the field.

Ultimately, your targeted audience will become your customers as people buy only from those who they trust. As it is a low-cost investment, you might need time to build up your Authority in the market before achieving some incomes.

The most important thing to do is to get a list of subscribers from the visitors to build up your customer base. Sales can come in the form of your product creation e.g. an eBook, a Service or training membership site.

Email Marketing

All successful Internet Marketers have a huge email list of their subscribers. Email delivery has to be consistent. Using the Autoresponder, you can email your subscribers once or twice a week regularly.

The purpose of the Email Marketing is to build up the relationship with your subscribers. You need to constantly update them with the useful tips and keep them inform of the latest blogs from your site.

Keep the email personalise, short and precise. Limit the number of external link to your sale page to one or two.

Finally, while making sure that your product is unique and in demand, you also need a good copywriting sale copy to attract potential customers. You must master a good persuasion skill if you want to sell well. Always upsell other products to your regular customers. Note that you do not scam or over sell your products though.

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