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March 07, 2017
Wealthy people stay rich by earning money through various means. Hard work alone will not make you rich; millions of people work hard every day, they are still poor. So what does it take to be wealthy?1) A Healthy Lifestyle Eating healthy food, regular exercise, having enough sleep and plenty of fresh air are what the rich people usually do. They know health plays an important role in their daily life. Imagine how much money and time you will save from medical fee and recuperating from a sickne
March 01, 2017
How would anyone feels when he hear someone taking about making thousands if not millions of dollar on the Online Business within a short period. The reality is people would not want to reveal the real fact and figure. Or, perhaps, it is a marketing strategy to market their stuff.Most people would look for a niche they enjoyed and started a Website. Then, writing good content with right keywords to get SEO ranking and attract traffic to your site. The start-up cost may be small, but you don&rsq
An effective method to improve the impact of your online business is to publish your blog posts on the best time and day of the week to the attractive most targeted crowd.Monday is the day when people are getting back to work. There will be workloads to settle after a long weekend. Most people will be too busy to check up their emails and social media stuff which is less important to them. So it is unlikely you are going to get higher traffic on such a day.Statistic show that Tuesday to Thursda
February 17, 2017
How to we save our time from doing certain works repetitively especially from downloading our contents to the Social Media daily?It is great to know that we can solve these problems by some awesome App tools in the market?App Tools automate sharing and schedule our posts and video on various Social Media and Youtube. Creating Graphs and diagrams are effortless with these tools too.Here are some Great Application Tools that can assist us speed up workloads. Most come with affordable one-time or
February 14, 2017
I would like to wish all friends of Wealthy Affiliate A Very Happy Valentine's Day. Just as we are all busy with our workloads, do spend a moment with our loved ones at home to celebrate and enjoy this special occasion. Life is so unpredictable. I am thankful to the Divine God for given me a new lease of life after a serious illness three years ago. With the supports of my loving husband, family members and children, find life worth living again. Thank you for being so caring and being part of
I would like to highlight some popular websites where you can try to make money from Services such as Blog Postings, Affiliate Programs and Selling your New or old stuffs.Though the commission amounts given by some may not high, it is a good and fast way to make money for Online starters. ClickBank is my favourite for offering very high commission rate up to 75% for some Electronic Products. While Selling your own products at Amazon can be way higher Returns than others. There are some top Inte
January 28, 2017
Today, I join all Chinese people in the World, celebrating our Chinese Lunar New Year on 28th January 2017. This is the Year of the Rooster.The Chinese New Year is the most important festival amongst the Chinese. It is the time when we bring together our traditional values and cultures. There will be spectacular performances of the dragon and lion dances followed by fireworks and firecrackers.I would like you to join me to wish all Chinese membersA Very Happy Lunar New YearWishing You and Your
January 17, 2017
The Problem is not going away if you don't do anything about it. It will cause stress, worry and anxiety. So take action and Solve your Problem fast!The Secret power of the mind is we are able to control our thought in getting things done. What makes a man climbed a mountain top is the will power of the mind.We all have our bad days every now and then, but always start the day with a positive thought and put the bad ones behind us!
Here is a compilations of free music on some of the Royalty free sites for your Youtube videos.Please do double check as you might have to give credit or they may have the paid version within the site also..http://www.bensound.comhttps://www.jukedeck.comhttps://www.filmstro.comhttp://www.audiomicro.comhttps://www.monstercat.com you enjoy the music on the video!PS comment from Goson:These are good stuff. But please check terms of using, for YT chan