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Last Update: April 13, 2018

As a newbie, I am trying to soak up all the information that is coming at me from all the great people that I follow in WA. I had a primitive system of creating a folder titled WA and moving the WA posts to that folder. The problem was, it was so unorganized that I had to scroll and scroll to try to find the post I was looking for.


I sort my website posts into buckets since I have more than one site. So I had an epiphany and created a seperate bucket titled WA and used a blank page titled WA Notes, DO NOT POST. I used H1 headers to create categories, like: Affiliate info, Facebook tips, Pinterest tips, etc. So now, when I get a post I want to save, I paste the post url to the right category and now I can quickly find the information I'm searching for!

I hope this tip helps other newbies - I have found all the information that's flowing through can be quite overwhelming when everything is so foreign but so valuable!

Enjoy your life! - Sachi

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StevenRinker Premium
These message resonates with all here at WA!

Thanks for posting!
Internetgranny Premium
Great idea - not just for newbies. Thank you.
LTMLifestyle Premium
Great tips, thanks for sharing
buffetearns Premium
Thanks Sachi

There’s lots to keep organised - nice tips!

Steven-A Premium
use all the tools at your disposal.