Newbie Guide to Internet Marketing

Last Update: January 08, 2013
If you think "Internet Marketing" is a rocket science, well think again. In a couple of minutes from now, you would be sitting quite confidently in front of your computer and will say "It was not that difficult after all".

If you are still thinking you landed on any alien planet, don't be nervous. Information can sometimes be overwhelming, but you are in safe hands now and surrounded by people who really cares about your success.

So instead of banging your head against the wall, let me introduce you some new words which you will be listening, hearing and speaking everyday on your journey to success with "Internet Marketing"

1. IM

It’s a no-brainer, Its Internet Marketing (IM). Either its Affiliate Marketing or Email Marketing, all comes under the purview of Internet Marketing.

2. Affiliate

An affiliate is a person who promotes a product or service to potential buyers, in return gets a commission on the sale (if any).

3. Affiliate program

Affiliate program is a performance based reward system, where product owner or service provider pays commission to affiliates for their performance (sale).

4. Commission

Commission is a reward on the sale payable to affiliate.

5. Wordpress

Wordpress is a free open source blogging system. Wordpress is currently gaining immense popularity among bloggers as they are easy to setup and use.

6. Static page

A static page is a web page that is loaded on user screen as it is stored on the server. Just like contact page of any website.

7. Dynamic Page

A dynamic web page is a web page whose content changes with input from the user. Example: Search result for "cat images" and "dog images” will be different, though the layout of result page remains the same.

8. Email Marketing

Collecting double optin email from the visitor and sending them emails regarding useful tips, product information’s, short courses etc. is called email marketing.

9. Double optin

You subscribe to “XYZ" website by providing your name & email, for an eBook or anything like that (this is optin one). Then you received an email into your inbox, from "XYZ" website requiring you to confirm the email by clicking a link, so that you can receive future emails from the "XYZ" website (this is double optin). This dual process safeguard the user as well as "XYZ" website, on one hand it ensure that you will receive email from "XYZ" website and second , that "XYZ" website cannot send spam emails to anyone.

Okay, so now you had a little idea of words used in Internet Marketing. Go ahead and conquer the world.

NB: I will be updating this blog post with new words. If you would like to know more about some new words used in context to IM. Please drop me a line.

Disclaimer: This is not a complete guide; neither it’s an official definition. My idea is to familiarize a newbie to the words, which they never heard. Personal opinions and official definition may vary.
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Shawn Martin Premium
Very good info, thanks!
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Thanks a lot Shawn !
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This post is great! I will keep it for future reference. Thanks!
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Thanks a lot !
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Good start, well done,
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You wrote your newbie article... way to go! The first is always the hardest... Congrats!
will watch for your updates.... Julie
rvikram Premium
without your support and inspiration, it would not have been possible. Yes it was hard, hard to think like a newbie and ask yourself those question. Thanks a lot for your comment.
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Nice, it is simplicity. Good idea!
rvikram Premium
As it is intended for newbies, I tried to keep it simple. Thanks for your comment.