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The success of your website depends upon the quality of your blog, but do you think, your visitor will read each and every blog post you make.Chances are very "few".So how would you compel your visitor to read your blog post, you got it right "A very effective headline".But how would you know that the headline is catchy enough or technically speaking has the right score to attract the eyeballs of your visitor.Here is link : in your headline and check t
I have decided to bring some famous "one-liners", everyday, so anyone reading it can get some inspiration. Here we go : "Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change" - Jim Rohn
The training how to backup your website - Training for importing -
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As a free member, you can have 2 free website. If your do not like the name and want to change it, you have to take a long way to do it and but still manageable, so lets have a look of the process. 1. First backup the website ( you want to change the name for). see the training how to backup your website - 2. Delete the website you have just backed up 3. Create a new websit
Wordpress has launched its latest version 4.1, today. I have updated it, have you updated it yet? Drop me a line, if you have done so. Please backup your website and data before updating.
Hey folks, Are you looking for free images for your website without the copyright issues. Look no further as I compiled various link just for everyone, including me. So here we go : Magdeleine New Old Stock PicJumbo Pexels Foodie’s Feed Picography Jay Mantri Unsplash Life of Pix FancyCrave Startup Stock Photos Lock and Stock Photos GetRefe SplitShire If you know any website, kindly suggest me and I will update this article, so all WA member can make use of. To your success in coming days.
December 02, 2014
Hello everyone, I have started my second innings with WA. After taking a break for almost a year, I am back. I took the Black Friday yearly membership offer. I am hoping to cover my investment in the coming few months and learn new things. Wishing success to everyone in 2015.
If you think "Internet Marketing" is a rocket science, well think again. In a couple of minutes from now, you would be sitting quite confidently in front of your computer and will say "It was not that difficult after all".If you are still thinking you landed on any alien planet, don't be nervous. Information can sometimes be overwhelming, but you are in safe hands now and surrounded by people who really cares about your success.So instead of banging your head against the wall, let me introdu