Updating Themes - how can I do so?

Last Update: June 01, 2020

Hi guys, I know that there are many of you here who would have experience in this and know how to do it, so am reaching out for your help.

On visiting my Wordpress back office I was advised that my theme needs updating. I was told however that I should use 'child themes' instead of 'parent theme' to ensure that I do not lose any of my customization. I read up on 'child themes' but got lost from the time they went into codes.

Is there a way to do the needful without going through all the Wordpress advises? If you are aware of such a method, can you please share it with us?

I say us because I suspect that there are, or will be others like me with the same issue.

Thank you very much for your wholehearted support. Blessings to all.


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roysinOnline Premium
Following the thread. This is a situation i have never experienced myself, so i am interested in how to solve this.

- Roy -

RussellO1 Premium
It's always good to know up front Roy. If ever you encounter this, then you would have learned from the very helpful people here.
davehayes Premium
Go to Apperance>>>Themes>>> then choose one from the free templates or you can upload any you have already. I have also PM'd yu
RussellO1 Premium
Thank you Dave. You are always a big help. I will check it out and let you know the results.