Here's to helpful members

Last Update: July 21, 2019

One of the promises given as an incentive for joining this WA community is that the members are very helpful to each other.

Since becoming a member I have been able to witness the truthfulness of that statement.

I think that it's appropriate that I pay tribute by saying "here's to helpful members".

Benefits of sharing

have come to learn that as you share with others, you yourself is rewarded. No matter what you share. The reward may differ from case to case but it is there. For the man who shares his knowledge, he gains a better understanding of what he thought he fully understood.

Others also learn what they had not previously known and at times it helps them to solve issues/problems that previously may have appeared to be insoluble.

That provides them with a sense of satisfaction and also removes the frustration that they may have been experiencing when no solution appeared to be forthcoming.

There is also gratitude. Though this attribute is not always practiced, for those who do demonstrate it, the experience is indescribable.

Of course there is a ripple effect to sharing. If those who have benefited from what was shared will in turn share, then the learning process goes on and increases.

Thank You

So let me say thank you to all our members who have shared their knowledge with this community.

I have benefited, and I know that many, many more have also benefited. There was seldom a time when I asked for help here and didn't receive it.

To all those who have shared their knowledge and the knowledge that others have shared with them, thank you very much.

Blessings to all.

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Nancy29 Premium
Thanks for the reminder, Russell. I went to bed Friday night worried about a WA problem I didn't think I could solve. Saturday morning, three great members of this family had offered suggestions and reassurance. Fantastic!
JohaneG Premium
Thank you for sharing.
firstlearn Premium
We have a wealth of knowledge between us and we are all willing to share with the others on WA. This community will force you to succeed, providing you follow the basic rules.

Mick18 Premium
Yes, WA is a friendly and knowledgeable community.
Simply the best!
lesabre Premium
Hi Russell, you are absolutely right. We belong in a great community.
Thank you for the share

Best wishes,