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Last Update: Aug 29, 2015


Was reading Neil Patel's article about guest blogging and found this great tool. Jay also recommended it in one of his webinars. A must have tool!

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I seriously think thst WA should havr trainings on Profitable keyword research .not just any Low keyword competition research.And also Competition Analyses on pg1.Why?

Rank page 1for keywords like facts about cats or nutritional cat food?Despite the former is low competition so?when you try to search facts about cats arr u ready to buy?you will expect to get info not buying anthing .so let's say nutritional cat food is super competitive you drop this?

Why not I try to add anither phrase like the most healthy nutritional cat food?And if I check pg1 none is aiming directly for this exact phrase Bingo!I mean Exact Phrase in the sequence. long tail keyword .

I learnt through the hard way though.Can anyone inagine you write tonnes of articles rank pg 1but no income?This is Very very fatal to newbies. you may laugh but if you make this mistake then I can tell you no amount of Seo great contents are going to help you.

Is my comment worth at leasr a penny for your thoughts?lol

Yep, you will visit the website and will continue to visit it if it provides an excellent content on cats or food for cats and with time the trust for that website will grow and then comes recommendations for good quality products which the visitors will buy because they trust the content on the website and see it as an authority.

At least that is my view on this. So buying of course does not comes first but with time it does and that is what is called an attraction marketing where you are not pushing anybody to buy anything, rather they buy because they want to and they trust you.



Sorry.I beg to differ.if you provide good information great trust but lack of commercial intent keywords So in this case If I am trying target the same keyword as yours and say we both rank page 1.

If I have the Intent to buy Now I Google my product and I see one has informational keyword in title and meta description. The other one has a How to select "keywords which we both target",tell me, which site will Yoi Clickf first?

I think we ought need to know whatd the objective to set up a biz.Yes You want to help yout audience .Yes you will provide solutions. YE's you go for your passion.Yes everthing SEO optomised.Yes your article send you traffic from social media.

But?I love your contents as a reader I learnt plenty.But I wont spend a targeted me as a info collector. Not a Ready buyer.

A pitfall for a lot of bloggers is,like to blog looooooong contents which they thought are great but without any buyer intention. Adsense?sustainable if you are a newbie?

End of the day where is my food on the table?

No need for apologizing, I am learning from your opinion too so i thank you for that.

Well my thoughts are that If I have the intent to buy know I wouldn't Google the product but would instead go to the most trusted estores on the internet which are Ebay and Amazon and would just order the thing that I want to buy.

If I am Googling the product I don't have the intent to buy it now but I am in the researching phase.

We as an affiliate marketers are targeting info collectors and not Ready buyers by the nature of things and are nurturing them into Ready buyers.

Our food on the table is nurturing people that are in the research phase to Ready buyers.

You are right.

I just checked .when trying to download to chrome once you click add to chrome a warning pops out.Moz bar will change all your data when You are visiting sites.just wondering?????

Perfect Rufat!
... I saw Jay using that too - was going to search for it - Thanks!!!

Thanks for sharing. I went to the mom website to look for this a few weeks ago and couldn't find it. Everything looked like it required a monthly payment.

Awesome, quicker than having to go to their full website when I want to check out how a site is ranking. Thanks

yes, exactly

In fact after finish the definitive guide to keyword research I know why PPL can rank on pg 1but no sales.using too much tire kicker and informational keywords but no commercial intent keywords.

Eye opener.

Moz bar can also use for checking page authority domain authority how many links to your comoeitior website on page 1.Anothrr one is Seo quake.To read More on using check it out Brian dean on backlinko.The definitive guide to keyword research.go to the chapter on keyword competition.

I strongly recommend his The Definitive Guide To keyword research especially analysis on your competition who rank page 1.Check it out.Neil Patel and Brian Dean are friends too.They are no nonsense PPL with a heart to educate .My 2cents.jeff

thanks for the info

I'm definitely bookmarking this site, looks awome Rufat.
Shukran ;))

Glad you found it helpful

Thanks for the info, Rufat.

you're welcome

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