Day 5: Affiliate Marketing or Bust!!

Last Update: December 19, 2014

Aarrg! What the friggin H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks is going on here? I added another new client to my portfolio today and spent pretty much most of the day with then. For God sakes people!!! Why are you calling me for service and repair so close to Christmas instead of being home drinking hot toddies and roasting chestnuts by the fire. Whew!!! Now that I’ve got that out of my system…

<deep sigh> Needless to say, today was a complete bust!!! I got absolutely no work done today. Not one bit. Day 5, half way through my first goal and I was so looking forward to having a monumentas day and blogging about the huge progress I had planned for today. I guess I’ll be saving that for the weekend update now!

Looks like I’ll be working double time this weekend to make up for today’s loss. Suffice it to say, today’s post will be a short one.

BUT, be prepared for exciting updates all weekend long. Have a great weekend all and see you in Day 6…

Drive safely!!!


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Loes Premium
Cliënt is King:) Wish you a very rewarding weekend Rudy, have a great sunday, Loes
RudyStebih Premium
Thanks guys!!! I am still totally pissed that I didn't get any work done on my affiliate site. But I have a reputation of responding to customers in a timely manner that is very important to me and my reputation. Customers come first. They may not always be right, but the come first!!

heycathy1965 Premium
What a great day Rudy!! What you sacrificed for another person is really above and beyond. I am looking forward to your blogs this weekend :-)
Norleila Premium Plus
Great weekend to you too, Rudy. Keep the momentum up. You'll do great! Take care. :)