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Alrighty then. Things are starting to pick up once again after yesterday’s loss due to having to completely move my websites from SiteRubix to my own servers. I got back on track today by creating 4 more video blog posts and getting them uploaded to YouTube. That makes a total of 5 pillar webpages built which should be a great foundation for the beginnings of natural Google traffic to come my way. Now, you thought optimizing your website for SEO was complicated. In order to make YouTube work
Today turned out to be a head hung low day for me. Originally, I had planned on making full use of SiteRubix here on WA. Well, why the hell not I was thinking to myself. I was already paying for Premium and website hosting was included. So bonus I’m thinking!!! Well, not so fast. Turns out that SiteRubix is severely limited. Limited to only free themes and plugins. As it turns out they block out going requests to remote servers. Those outgoing requests are extremely necessary in order to be a
Day 7 turned out to be an extremely productive day and am VERY happy with the results!!! I managed to get 50 blog posts or in this case video scripts written. That’s right… Fifty!!! These videos will be the heart of my marketing campaign for my affiliate site and will be spread across the entire internet. My marketing campaign strategy will be revealed in a latter blog post. I also managed to create one sample video to make sure that they would turn out. As a bonus just for those of you who
December 21, 2014
I’m a bit late on getting Day 6 blog post out. Was busy getting caught up from yesterdays non productive day. Made a LOT of progress... Today’s goals: Landing page Video Scripts Most of the day was spent on the landing page. This will be my most important page as all my marketing traffic will point to this page. So I needed it to be highly effective so that it would convert my visitors as much as possible. The framework of the landing page is complete. However, there are just a coupl
Aarrg! What the friggin H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks is going on here? I added another new client to my portfolio today and spent pretty much most of the day with then. For God sakes people!!! Why are you calling me for service and repair so close to Christmas instead of being home drinking hot toddies and roasting chestnuts by the fire. Whew!!! Now that I’ve got that out of my system… <deep sigh> Needless to say, today was a complete bust!!! I got absolutely no work done today. Not one b
Another day where I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. Had to deal with a couple of outside clients as well as adding a new client to the portfolio. Who knew I’d get a new client this close to Christmas. But a healthy client nonetheless as they are looking at installing a brand new home theatre. I did manage to get preparations made for the onslaught of content. First, my favorite SEO plugin ‘Wordpress SEO by Yoast’ was enabled and configured with some basic settings for now. Integ
December 18, 2014
Hey Folks, For those of you using Wordpress, which most of you are, Wordpress 4.1 was released today and you should be able to upgrade to this latest version via your admin panel. A couple of the new features in Wordpress 4.1 include: 1. The new 'Twenty Fifteen' theme (Free) Looks as though the new 'Twenty Fifteen' theme is a blog-focused theme designed for clarity which includes flawless language support. Readable on any screen size. 2. Distraction-free writing By turning on distraction-free w
Day 3 turned out to be a much more productive day than day 2 was. And if you haven’t guessed it by now, yes there was some graphics involved. ‘Banner’ Day. Graphics. Get it!! Anyways, before continuing on, I need to fill you in on something I do after I register a domain name. That I have yet to mentioned here. Immediately after registering the domain name, I then sign up for a Gmail account, Google+ account, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. The reason for this is that I utilize th
So day 2 of my journey here on WA turned out to be an exciting one.Although I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped due to some website transfer issues, it quickly turned into an awesome day! To start with, I was contacted by 3 affiliate managers who seemed to be overly excited about my strategy for marketing their software products. So much so that early this morning, I received an email from two of them containing custom builds of the software products that I am planning on promoting havin
December 16, 2014
This is not so much a financial success but more so a non-financial success!! Yesterday, I was contacted by 3 affiliate managers excited about how I was going to market for them. Early today, 2 of them have already provided me a custom software build. If you have been following me, you would know that one of my non-financial goals is to have 6 affiliate websites up and running in 6 months. Having been contact by these 3 affiliate managers, plus the one I'm currently working on, making it 4, ha